K2 Radical X BOA Inline Skate Overview


Inlineskates.com reviews the K2 Radical X BOA Inline Skates

2015 K2 Radical X BOA Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2015 K2 Radical X BOA Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkates.com

Hey, I'm Rob from inlineskates.com and this is the Radical X Boa from K2.

Really, really cool skate. This is moving into that high-end training and really a marathon-style skate. Has a Radical Pro Carbon Cuff. It's a very supportive, very lightweight cuff. The skate is really one of the lighter weight skate, marathon-style skates on the market, which is great when you're doing that type of distance, you don't want some big heavy skate on your foot. It's just going to cause more fatigue.

K2 Soft Boot has a buckle up top for extra support and then the Boa Closure System - very easy on and off and you can get a very nice snug performance fit with just the turn of a dial which is incredible. Performance Hi-Lo Frame so bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels up front. 110mm in the back, 100 up front keeps the skate maneuverable but a very high top-end speed. Now, when I say maneuverable, in the world of 110-100mm wheels is what we're talking, this is a long distance skate. This is going in a straight line covering a lot of ground at a time. ILQ9 Pro Bearings - a very smooth bearing, a very high top-end speed. This is a phenomenal skate for someone that is covering long distances every time they're skating whether they're just training or skating a marathon.

One of my favorite skates in their line - the K2 Radical X Boa.