5th Element G2-100 Adjustable Girls Inline Skates 2017

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5th Element G2-100 Adjustable Girls Inline Skates 2017, White-Pink, 600
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$69.99 (21% off)
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Skill Level: Beg. Inter. - designed to help progression and to learn basics

Beg. Inter. - designed to help progression and to learn basics

Skate Type: Recreation - comfortable and stiff for newer skaters

Recreation - comfortable and stiff for newer skaters

Speed: Leisurely - new skaters or kids cruising at slower speeds

Leisurely - new skaters or kids cruising at slower speeds

Ventilation: Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances

Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances


The 5th Element G2-100 Inline Skates are the perfect pair of skates for your young girl who loves feel the wind blow through her hair on those sun-filled summer days. She will love these inline skates that are sure to keep her feet comfortable as she continues to pick up the skills to become an awesome skater. There is a buckle, Velcro strap and laces to ensure that her feet are locked in and her ankles are supported. The Soft Boot will keep her feet comfortable. Best of all, these skates are adjustable up to four sizes so as her feet grow throughout the years you can make the boot bigger without having to spend money on a whole new skate that she will just grow out of. Having a consistent pair of skates that she loves will help build her confidence so that she can learn and progress. The 5th Element G2-100 Inline Skates are great value for the money featuring all the best features and performance that is sure to exceed yours and your little girl's expectations. The G2-100s are simply the best for any kid who loves spending time outdoors in the summertime.

Skate Type Recreation Skate Cuff Height High Skate Closure System Traditional Laces
Closure System Buckle, Velcro Strap and Laces Maximum Wheel Size 72mm Maximum Wheel Size 72mm (@ Size 5-8)
Wheel Configuration 72mm-72mm-72mm-72mm Wheel Durometer Not Specified Bearing Grade Recreational
Bearing Type ABEC 5 Speed Leisurely Skate Frame Material Metal or Metal Alloy
Frame Material Composite Lining Material Not Specified Ventilation Medium
Brake Included? Yes Size Adjustable Yes Special Features Soft Boot
Model Year 2017 Model Number PW-126A-45 G 29-32 Product ID 307800
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January 11, 2017

out of 5

I bought the rollerblades for my 5 y/o daughter for Christmas. After she used them 3 or 4 times the bottom lining of the skate came right out so she is now standing on just the cardboard bottom. Very disappointed!
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May 25, 2015

out of 5

Upper strap is hard to set and constantly comes loose often within a minute.
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Roller girl


February 17, 2015

out of 5

We got these for my daughter for Christmas and she loves them. Quality is good and we have been happy with this purchase.
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Q: Hi my daughter's feet measure 18.5 cm. She is 7 years old. What size should I get for her? I want her to be able to enjoy it for few years.
Asked : Jul 06, 2017
By : Aline, Salem nh
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A:Inline skates are going to be sized the same as shoe size, so you will want to go with the same size as their standard everyday shoe. 18.5 cm is roughly a size 13 youth shoe so in this skate I'd recommend the size 12-1, you can start at the size 13.0 and still have a full size of growth. The size 2-4 adjusted all the way down to the size 2 would still be too large for the 18.5cm foot and could be a little sloppy.
Answered : Jul 06, 2017
By : Chris
Q: My daughter wears a size 4 shoe. She's 10.. Which size would you suggest I get her?
Asked : Dec 05, 2016
By : Amy, Malakoff, TX
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A:Your daughter could fit into the size 2-4 set to it's largest size (4) but then you wouldn't get any growing room out of the skates. I would suggest going with something that offers a bit more growth. The K2 Marlee is close to the same price as this skate but is available in a size 4-8 which means you can start in the size 4 and have full adjustment all the way to size 8. Inline skates are sized the same as normal shoe size so starting at the 4 would be the way to go.
Answered : Dec 05, 2016
By : Chris
Q: My daughters have about the same size feet which is about a 12 1/2 US kids sizing. They fit in a size 1 roller skate but we are looking at the rollerblades for a birthday present. Are the 2-4 going to be way too big to start?? Will they be better off with the 12-1? They are right on the border so if you could tell me if they run small or big that would help. Thanks!
Asked : Nov 30, 2016
By : Lyn, Bozeman, MT
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:At that size I would still go with the 12-1 since they are not quite to the 13 you will have that size and the size 1 for growth. Going too large can cause discomfort and blisters so it's best to go with the proper size.
Answered : Dec 01, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hi. My niece wear 37 in Brazil, she is 11 years old. Per the conversion table found on Internet, it is size 8 in U.S. for women. Which size I should buy? Thank you.
Asked : Jul 03, 2016
By : Jeferson, El Segundo
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:That would max out the biggest size of this skate, so the size 5-8 set to size 8 would work but you wouldn't be able to adjust it any larger for growth. I would recommend going with a women's skate in a size 8
Answered : Jul 05, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hi I intend to get this model for two of my girls. First girl : Her feet length is 16cm from toe to heel. What size should I order ? Understand that her size for adjustable skates should be Junior US11-2(11,12,13 and regular US 1 & 2). Please advise if it is correct & what size should I order. Second girl : Her feet length is 21cm. Her school shoe size is US 2-1/2 and UK 2. Which size should I order. How long does it take to ship to Singapore and what is the shipping cost.
Asked : Jul 08, 2014
By : Jeff, Singapore
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Based on your daughters foot lengths, I would recommend going with 12-1 for the younger daughter (which will still be too big initially but will fit as she continue to grow into them) and 2 to 4 for the older one in the 5th Element G2-100 adjustable skates for an ideal fit. At this time, the G2-100 skates are completely sold out and not available for shipment, however for international shipping on any of our products, please add everything to your cart you wish to order and select the International Checkout button. They can provide you with approximate totals and time frames for delivery.
Answered : Jul 08, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: What are the wheels made out of?
Asked : Jun 09, 2013
By : riffer
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:The wheels on the 5th Element G2-100 skates will be made of a high rebound polyurethane that is both durable and grippy.
Answered : Jun 12, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
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