Have you ever seen 19th Century Inline Skates?


By Chris Gorski




The skates we have nowadays have high tech closures, super smooth bearings, large smooth wheels and super comfortable and supportive liners. But, what about the inline skates of the 19th century? These skates, as you can guess, don’t offer as much performance, comfort or fancy closures.


The 19th century skate pictured below is displayed at the Smithsonian and has a name, the Volito. The skate, from 1832, offers a wooden sole, 5 wheels per skates and a curved iron bar attached to the front as a makeshift brake. The Volito did have one high tech feature; the wooden wheels were of unequal size being larger at the center and smaller at the ends. The wheels being different sizes allowed skaters to execute turns more easily.


19th Century Inline Skates