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Reebok Hockey Teams Up with Labeda


The 2011 roller hockey skates from Reebok are going to surprise previous Reebok owners.  In previous years Rebooks chassis was a design of 80-76-76-72.  The tri-di chassis created an ice hockey feel for players, but lacked speed and higher top speed for players.  This year Reebok hockey introduces the Labeda hummer chassis into the skates creating 80mm wheels all the way across the chassis.  Tour roller hockey skates also use Labeda chassis, which gives players different boot options between Reebok and Tour.


Reebok Roller Hockey Skates


Beyond having a brand new Labeda hummer chassis, Reebok skates this 2011 come also equipped with Labeda wheels.  Labeda is well known in the roller hockey community and producing some of the greatest roller hockey wheels in the country.  Labeda Addiction, Millennium, and Gripper wheels will be found on the Reebok skate line-up offering optimal performance and supreme durability while playing.