Rollerblade Maxxum 90 Urban Inline Skates 2017

$379.99 (27% off)
Rollerblade Maxxum 90 Urban Inline Skates 2017, Anthracite-Green, 600
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$379.99 (27% off)
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Skill Level: Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Speed: Fast - faster speed skaters who like a good workout

Fast - faster speed skaters who like a good workout

Ventilation: Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances

Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances


The Rollerblade Maxxum 90 Urban Inline Skates combine a fusion of superior lateral support, comfortable padded liners, and a versatile wheel setup that can be used for commuting, cruising, or training. The vented, molded hard shell provides plenty of support, paired with Specialized Fit liners that ensure comfort for all activities. Wearing The Rollerblade Maxxum 90 Urban Inline Skates, they provide secure comfort and performance that allows you to challenge your skate. The extruded aluminum frame can fit up to 90mm wheels and enables excellent power transfer and stability. These skates come with the new Rollerblade Hydrogen Wheels that enhance your rolling experience and produce good speed with the Rollerblade SG9 Bearings.

  • Flexible Lightweight Cuffs
  • Shock Absorbing Heel
  • 165mm Frame Mounting
  • Laterally Adjustable


Skate Type Urban Skate Cuff Height High Skate Closure System Traditional Laces
Closure System Micro Adjustable Buckle on Cuff Maximum Wheel Size 90mm Wheel Configuration 90mm - 90mm - 90mm - 90mm
Wheel Durometer 85A Bearing Grade High Performance Bearing Type SG 9
Speed Fast Skate Frame Material Metal or Metal Alloy Frame Material Extruded Aluminum Frames
Lining Material Specialized Fit Liners Ventilation Medium Brake Included? Yes
Size Adjustable No Special Features 45 Degree Micro-Ratchet Adjustable Buckle Model Year 2017
Model Number 07628300 096 6.0 Product ID 415886   
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January 24, 2017

out of 5

My first Rollerblade hard shell lasted 25 years and a few thousand miles. The shell and boot was fairly comfortable. They were easy to fasten and put on my feet. This product was more difficult to put on and fasten. My primary complai...Read More
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Reply from Customer Service
Skates have changed a lot over the years, older skates may have been more comfortable right out of the box but nowadays skates are a little less comfortable right out of the box but as they break in they offer a more snug performance fit. I own these skates and can attest to the first probably 6 times out skating in them there was some discomfort mainly in the tongue area as you stated. My skates have now fully broken in and fit like a glove. It takes some time to break in higher end skates especially those like this one with the hard plastic shell but in the end it's very much worth it to have a great snug fit. Hope this helps, and hopefully you skated in your skates a few more times and they broke in a bit more.

Mi Abogado Cancun


May 03, 2016

out of 5

The product was cool, If you want to run have a good Speed it´s a perfect product, As well aren´t noisy so that feel like in the clouds, I never been in the clouds but you know what I mean. heheh The Price are good I guess, and I realley ...Read More
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December 01, 2015

out of 5

I have been roller since 1985 ,no i'm not that old i started at 5 years old .Since than i got around 20 different inline skate & quad as well .I'm not a big fan of soft boots like K2 .If you want support ,precision and powerful filling go f...Read More
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Questions & Answers
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Q: I wear shoe size 10.5-11 US size and in Euro size around 44.5 is it ok to take 10.5 size in Rolllerblade Maxxum 90? Or do i need to take 11size because my foot is wider in size
Asked : May 29, 2017
By : Shern, Philippines
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A:If you're typically mixed up between a size 10.5 and an 11.0 then I would go with the size 11 since the Maxxums can fit fairly tight. I wear 10.5 and take them in 10.5 and they fit with a good tight performance fit.
Answered : May 30, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Do you know if I can put a shorter frame on this boot? I want a quicker turning radius.
Asked : Mar 17, 2017
By : MushroomRoller, Boulder, CO
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Sure can, the mounting spacing is 165mm
Answered : Mar 20, 2017
By : Chris
Asked : Mar 14, 2017
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:These are sized in men's sizing but can be worn by whomever. You will want to size down one full size so if you wear a size 8 women's shoe you will want to get a size 7
Answered : Mar 14, 2017
By : Chris
Q: I have not bladed in a while but intend to start again this Spring. I wear a 10-1/2 D New Balance running shoe, but my old Racerblades from years ago are a size 10. I have a wider food and like the size of the toe-box on the New Balance shoes. I am not certain what size Maxxum 90 would be a good fit. How do the sizes tend to run on the Maxxum and what would you recommend. Thanks for your help.
Asked : Feb 06, 2017
By : Norm, Minneapolis, Min
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A:I wear the Maxxum 90's in size 10.5 and also take a 10.5 shoe. The skates for me fit length wise pretty much right out of the box but took skating in them 4-5 times to fully break in width wise. If you have a slightly wider foot you may end up needing to add a heel lift in the skates to alleviate some of the pressure since inline skates are not offered in wider widths. Since you are only in a D width you may not have to do anything and the skates may fit after they break in. Just a warning though, my first skate in these hurt my feet and it wasn't until about 3 skates in that they really started to feel better, this is a stiffer boot and takes some breaking in for a proper fit.
Answered : Feb 06, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Would these be okay for someone at around 250-275 lbs? Also if my foot size is 12 with shoes, what would be the recommendation in skate size? If they don't fit is it returnable for a different size? Thanks!
Asked : Jul 11, 2016
By : Nick, Montreal
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Rollerblade doesn't publish weight recommendations for their skates but as someone that owns these skates weighing in just over 200lbs I would say you'll be perfectly fine. You wouldn't want to go with a skate with a plastic or low quality metal frame but this frame is very sturdy and durable, especially so since it is an urban style inline skate.
Answered : Jul 12, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Is there a shortened axle included so that you can remove the brake?
Asked : Jun 03, 2016
By : David, Holyoke,Ma
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Rollerblade doesn't include the shorter axle with the skate but if you contact customer service we can get one to you when you purchase the skates. Most of the time we have them in stock here and can quickly send them out, if not we can order the axle right from Rollerblade and get it to you. Give us a call at 888.271.7500
Answered : Jun 06, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Can i safely put smaller wheels on this frame, like say 80mm wheels?
Asked : May 14, 2016
By : joey, los angeles
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A:Yes, you can put smaller wheels on this skate.
Answered : May 17, 2016
By : Chris, United States
Q: Please tell me if there is any difference between this product and the model 2015? they looks pretty much the same. Thanks.
Asked : Apr 04, 2016
By : AndresR, Colombia
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Yeah, no real changes to the skates other than cosmetic changes.
Answered : Apr 04, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hi!. I have flat foot, would you recommend me these skates?, I'm trying to figure out which ones would be better between these and the Macroblade 90 (I really like the Maxxum). If so, I'm 8 size on my running shoes (foot size 25,5cm), which size would you recommend me according to my foot shape?. Here there is not a Rolleblade shop, so I don't have a way to try them. Thanks a lot.
Asked : Apr 04, 2016
By : AndresR, Colombia
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Between the two skates there is no real reason to go with one over the other in regards to fit for a flat foot. Either one will most likely require an aftermarket footbed or support in order to get the proper fit for someone with a flat foot. I personally skate with the Maxxum 90 and can attest to it having a very good athletic fit. It takes about 3-4 times skating about 45mins each time to fully break in the skates. The Macroblade is going to offer a bit looser more recreational type fit.
Answered : Apr 04, 2016
By : Chris
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