Rollerblade RB 90 Urban Inline Skates

$320.00 (35% off)
Rollerblade RB 90 Urban Inline Skates
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$320.00 (35% off)
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Sku#: 257157P
Skill Level: Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks


The Rollerblade RB 90 is made for the urban rockstar and combines the best of both worlds. It features the durability, style and support of an urban skate combined with the speed and performance of a fitness skate. Comfort can be found in the specialized Rollerblade 5 star fit footbed and shock absorber which means no more sore feet. The vented molded cuff along with the spitfire aluminum frame attribute to the lightness of the skate. The RB 90 gives you the stability you desire with a cuff strap, 45 degree buckle and laces which will give you the confidence you need. Performance is gained from the Active 90mm wheels and SG9 bearings giving you a smooth and solid roll. Be an urban rock star with the RB 90 from Rollerblade and see what you have been missing.

  • Vented Molded Shell
  • Lightweight Cuff
  • Durable and Stylish


Skate Type  Urban Closure System  Cuff Strap, 45 Degree Buckle and laces Maximum Wheel Size  90mm
Wheel Configuration  90mm - 90mm - 90mm - 90mm Wheel Durometer  84A Bearing Grade  High Performance
Bearing Type  SG 9 Frame Material  Spitfire Aluminum Lining Material  Specialized 5 Star Fit
Special Features  Shock Absorber Model Year  2013 Model Number  07206000774 240
Product ID  257157     
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December 19, 2013

out of 5

The boot liner was crudely made and uncomfortable. The stitching was felt in the toes. Simply poorly made boot. The laces absurdly long. No way to fit them under the ankle strap in a professional manner. Whoever designed these has rare...Read More
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September 14, 2013

out of 5

Hi, I purchased my RB 90s as a transition skate for speed skating. After a long layoff, I purchased a pair of Spiritblades, which I outgrew. Since the rink's speed team had asked me to work out with them, I thought that the RB 90 would be...Read More
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July 16, 2013

out of 5

Great design, comfortable, hard exterior shell and fast but lower boot design results in more flex and far less stability than my prior boot. I'm an intermediate blader and I think this might be better for a more advanced performer.
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Questions & Answers
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Q: Hello from Vermont, USA. I like my Rollerblade RB 90... but I need to replace the axles... the allen wrench hole in some of them have stripped. Can someone tell me what part number to order and from whom? Are they available in steel instead of soft aluminum? Further... I'm ready for new bearings, wheels and brake pad... what are the part numbers for these too? I'd like to match, approximately, what they came with originally. Thanks!
Asked : Jun 11, 2017
By : MichaelVT, Burlington
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A: To ensure you get the correct axles I'd recommend giving customer service a call at 888-421-6836 and they can special order the exact axles needed from Rollerblade. You could try contacting Rollerblade directly but I am unsure if they deal with customers directly.
Answered : Jun 12, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Hi, I've bought those skates approximately one year ago and I'm moderately happy with them. What I want to do more is skate from my house to my work and back. I live in the city of Amsterdam and the pavement there isn't very smooth. The roads are quite bricky most of the time, even though there are some pieces that are flat as well. In my opinion the 90mm wheels on these skates are too big to be as flexible as I want to be. However I like to use them when skating around the park, but not really in the city. So what I want to do is buy some new, smaller wheels which also have a bit of a harder texture (not sure if it is the right word), so I'm more flexible to move around and I can skate around in the city centre as well. My question to you guys (and girls) is: what kind of wheels would you advice me for the situation I'm in? And hopefully you can offer me some product/links to the best type of wheels for my situation :) Thank you so much, Chris
Asked : Aug 07, 2014
By : Chris, Amsterdam
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A: If you are looking for a harder durometer model in a smaller size, I would definitely check out the Hydrogen wheel series from Rollerblade as a good compliment to your RB 90's. They come in a variety of sizes, including 80mm and 84mm, and have the highest inline wheel durometer on the market (at 85A) while actually having the higher rebound of a softer wheel.
Answered : Aug 07, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: Hi, What would be the (approximately) minimum size of wheels (in mm) to be able to put under the RB90 model so I will not drag the brake? Thanks a lot in advance for answering this question. Chris
Asked : Aug 01, 2014
By : chris
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A: I would recommend not going any smaller than 84mm on the Rollerblade RB 90's with the brakes attached to avoid drag.
Answered : Aug 02, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: Hi, I would like to use this one with smaller wheels to skate more in the city and have more control. For example with a wheel size of 84mm. Can I buy these wheels seperately and add them to these skates? Thanks a lot in advance for answering this question. Chris
Asked : Aug 01, 2014
By : chris
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A: Yes, you can put smaller wheels on the Rollerblade RB 90's. Keep in mind that if you go too small, you will run the risk of dragging the brake however.
Answered : Aug 01, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: I would like to use rb 90 for slalom skate what should I do is it possible to change frame and wheels to make it suitable for slalom skate ? if yes what is the right frame and wheels to reach that goal ?
Asked : Mar 07, 2014
By : Ahmed, dubai
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: The Spitfire Aluminum frame on the Rollerblade RB 90 skates will not be changable, and will be too long to work as a proper slalom skate. I would recommend one of the urban models with smaller (<=80mm) wheels, such as the Twisters.
Answered : Mar 11, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: I have a pair of Rollerblade Spirtblade skates I purchased 2-3 years ago when I decided to get back into skating. They are a size 10. Will the RB 90 skates have a fit that's similar? That is to say, can I buy a size 10 in the RB 90s and have them fit like my Spirtblades do?
Asked : Aug 15, 2013
By : MarkM228, Easton, PA
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: Most rollerblade skates, including the RB 90's, will fit true-to-size. If your previous skates were a size 10 and they still fit, you would get a size 10 in these as well.
Answered : Aug 15, 2013
By : Community Answer
Q: Hello - How is the sizing of these skates. I wear either size 12 or 12.5 shoe depending on maker?
Asked : Jul 13, 2013
By : Bill, New York
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: All Rollerblade brand skates, including the RB 90's, ultimately fit very true to shoe size. As this model features a molded boot, it doesn't have as much initial give however and can be uncomfortable if you order too small. I would recommend a size 12.5 skate if you are in between sizes.
Answered : Jul 15, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: are the skate frames available to buy for the rollerblade RB 90
Asked : Apr 06, 2013
By : trblmkr, peoria,ill
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A: Unfortunately we do not sell just the frames
Answered : Apr 08, 2013
By : Keith, Customer Care
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