Rollerblade Twister 231 Urban Inline Skates

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Rollerblade Twister 231 Urban Inline Skates, Black-White, 600
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$289.99 (38% off)
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Skill Level: Intermediate - better materials to aid in progression

Intermediate - better materials to aid in progression

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Speed: Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Ventilation: Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances

Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances


The Rollerblade Twister 231 is a versatile and maneuverable molded skate perfect for freestyle, urban and slalom use. The Hot Rod 231 low frame and Urban profile wheels are designed for controlled maneuverability. With a professional molded boot and a 5 star fit liner the 231 by Rollerblade offers great control for performance yet enough comfort to skate in several hour sessions. The vented and molded shell optimizes stability and torsion resistance which offers minimized weight and maximum breathability. The Rollerblade Twister 231 for men is an urban skate ready for whatever rolls your way or whichever way you roll.


Skate Type Urban Skate Cuff Height High Skate Closure System Traditional Laces
Closure System Laces, Ratcheting Buckle and Velcro Strap Maximum Wheel Size 76mm Wheel Configuration 76mm - 76mm - 76mm - 76mm
Wheel Durometer 85A Bearing Grade Performance Bearing Type SG 7
Speed Moderate Skate Frame Material Metal or Metal Alloy Frame Material Aluminum
Lining Material Specialized 5 Star Fit Ventilation Medium Brake Included? Yes
Size Adjustable No Model Year 2016 Model Number 07621700 787 5.0
Product ID 416036      
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Questions & Answers
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Q: Hi, is it true as per Rollerblade's size chart says, that in Twister models is recommended to buy one full size bigger? I'm not sure which size to buy, my feet are 24 cm long. Thank you!!!
Asked : Sep 19, 2016
By : Marina, Miami, Florida
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A:They list that you must go down a size in the Maxxum and the Twister, I personally skate with the Maxxum and take it the same size as my shoe without issue but I do prefer a tight performance fit. I know it sounds like I am complicating things but the real answer is subjective since fit and proper fit are subjective. It would be best to utilize the Guaranteed Fit Program so you could purchase 2 sizes and try them both on and return the one that doesn't fit. I wear shoe size 10.5 and the size 10.5 Maxxum fits me great but that's my story, your's may be different. Rollerblade does list their sizes in mondo point sizing which is CM sizing so you could measure or have your foot measured and compare to their chart for that.
Answered : Sep 20, 2016
By : Chris
Q: hi I'm looking into buying the twister 231 or the twister 80's I'm wondering if there is a significant weight difference and fit between the two i normally skate in 74mm wheels on old hard shell rollerblades from the 90's i had originally bought some maxxuum 90 but i found them to be too heavy and had to return them which of the two would be better i mostly do urban skating and trail
Asked : May 19, 2016
By : mayra, chicago illinois
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A:If you're main worries are weight and maneuverability you're hands down best bet is the Twister 231. The Twister 80's and the Twister 231 have the same boot, liner, footbed and shell so the fit between the two are going to be the same. The differences are in the frame wheel and bearing. The 231 has a 231mm frame with 76mm wheels and SG5 bearings, where the Twister 80 has a 243mm frame, 80mm wheels and SG7 Bearings. So you get a nicer bearing and larger wheel made for better top speed in the Twister 80 where the 231 is all about maneuvering easily in tight spaces. Overall, the Twister 231 is going to be a bit lighter weight but I wouldn't base my decision on that as it's going to be minimal.
Answered : May 19, 2016
By : Christopher, United States
Q: If i were to choose between this Twister 231 and Maxxum 90, which one would be more comfortable and more able to handle roughness?
Asked : Apr 23, 2016
By : Winky, Yangon
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A:Both the skates are going to offer a similar fit offering the hard plastic boot and the specialized 5 star fit inner liner. I would give the durability nod to the Twister 231 since it has a slightly more beefed up boot in comparison to the Maxxum 90. The Maxxum 90 is a mix between an urban skate and a recreational skate since it has the design of an urban skate but offers 90mm wheels. I personally skate with the Maxxum 90 since I wanted an urban style skate but am not hard enough on them to go with a 100% traditional urban style, and I wanted the added speed and smoothness of the 90mm wheels. Just keep in mind the type of skating you are looking to do and what you want most out of your skates. These are similar but very different skates.
Answered : Apr 25, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Is this for a women or a male. The overview says female. Would there be a disadvantage if a female uses a male skate?
Asked : Jan 12, 2016
By : Amanda, Weslaco, Texas
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A:This skate is really a unisex skate and can be used by either male or female skaters. With urban skates the fit is different than standard inline skates and choosing a "gendered" skate is not as big of a deal as it is in fitness style skates.
Answered : Jan 12, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Is there a way to attach a brake to these?
Asked : Dec 17, 2015
By : Lindsy, Lexington, Kentucky
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A:Yes, the brake is actually included in the box. You will simply remove the last axle on the skate you'd like the brake to be on, most people put on the right skate, and then attach the brake housing, and use the longer axle to put it all back together.
Answered : Dec 21, 2015
By : Chris
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