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Overview of Senior Inline Hockey Skates


Here at we stock a few different brands of inline hockey skates and with the different brands come various styles and fits. We stock skates from Alkali, CCM, Mission, Reebok and Tour and different models within these brands. Not all these are going to fit the same and most will not be taken in the same size from brand to brand. Here we are going to go over the different fits from the various brands of inline hockey skates to ensure you are getting the correct size when ordering.


Alkali Inline Hockey Skates Sizing Information


Alkali is a relatively new name in the inline hockey sphere but with great technology and fit these are sure to be the next big name. With the Alkali skates you are going to want to drop roughly 1 ½ down from your regular shoe size. This will give you a great fit once the skates are broken in and formed around your foot. The skates may fit a bit snug before being broken in but a tight fit is desired and once they break in you will have a perfect fit.


CCM Inline Hockey Skates Sizing Information


CCM inline hockey skates are going to fit similar to their ice hockey skates and will need to be taken about 1 ½ sizes smaller than your standard shoe size. This is going to be a bit on the snug side when you first slide them on but with the natural break in process mixed with the heat of your feet you will have perfect fit once they break in.


Mission Inline Hockey Skates Sizing Information


Mission hockey skates have been a trusted name for innovation, design and performance over the years. With the passion instilled into their skates you know the fit is going to be great. With Mission skates you will want to drop 1 ½ sizes down from your standard shoe size. This will offer a great fit once you Mission skates break in. When you first wear your Mission skates they may feel a bit snug but after a few skates in them you will have a perfectly broken in fit.


Reebok Inline Hockey Skates Sizing Information


Reebok skates made a splash when they first introduced their skates and have not looked back. With fantastic performance, fit and design it’s no surprise that they have gained a decent following. Reebok inline hockey skates are going to fit roughly 1 ½ sizes smaller than your standard shoe size. Reebok skates will take some break in time to fit perfect but will adapt to your foot shape after a few skates.


Tour Inline Hockey Skates Sizing Information


Tour skates have managed to offer a great fitting skate while maintaining great performance and comfort. Tour inline hockey skates will fit best when taken 1 size down from your standard shoe size. The skates will still need some time to break in and will fit a little tight when first put on but this will loosen up after a few skates.



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