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Bladerunner Inline Skates

Bladerunner skates are great for beginner skaters that are not looking to break the bank but still want a quality and comfortable skate that will give them ample support while they look to push their skating to the next level. Bladerunner is an offshoot of Rollerblade which can give you Rollerblade quality at prices that are more affordable. Say you're new to the whole inline skating world and you don't want to invest in a pair of skates in a sport you're testing out, Bladerunner has plenty of options for you. Within the Bladerunner tree there are several types of skates from the very beginner to skates geared toward someone skating a bit more often.

Bladerunner Inline Skates Come Fully Equipped

Bladerunner Skates have great features and specs to give you comfort and stability on your inline skates. Bladerunner frames are often made of composite with plenty of aluminum options available too. A composite or aluminum frame will offer good stability and performance granting the skater great power transfer from their Bladerunner skates.

Depending on the skate you will get a range of sizes in wheels but all the wheels will be quality offering grip and performance. Roller Derby inline skates make it easy to skate on nearly any terrain but for those that encounter rough pavement a larger wheel will benefit you greater.

To keep you nice and secure Bladerunner inline skates offer a powerstrap and standard laces to offer a snug fit with great support. This great support makes skating safer as you will have more protection from ankle and foot injuries when your skate is tightened and secure.

An often overlooked feature of any inline skate is the brake and braking system. Depending on the skate model Bladerunner skates will offer a standard braking system or an ABT. The ABT style of brake offers the ability to gradually stop and works by pushing the brake down slowly as the user puts pressure back on the skates boot.

All Types of Bladerunner Inline Skates

Bladerunner inline skates are available for men, women and kids. The men's models of Bladerunner skates are going to offer a proper width and size that will accommodate a men's foot shape. For women Bladerunner offers a bit narrower design that will fit a women's foot shape much better and they offer more feminine designs as well. Kids Bladerunner inline skates are adjustable offering a growing fit that works great for both parent and child. As the child's foot grows the parent simply has to adjust the size of the skate to the next size saving you money on new skates and keeping the kids happily skating.

Whether you're an adult looking to keep the cutting costs but wanting to still get outdoors or you have a child who is still growing but too big to get a higher-priced adjustable skate, Bladerunner has you covered. From Rollerblade, Bladerunner is a value-priced skate for all types of skaters: recreational, aggressive and more!