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One of the main differences between inline hockey wheels and recreational wheels is their configuration. For the most part, recreational inline skates will have four wheels at the same size which is also referred to as the wheels diameter. Inline hockey wheels have a setup called a “High-Lo”. This unique setup consists of the back two wheels being larger than the front two wheels. This wheel setup places the hockey player into a natural leaning forward position which increases their maneuverability and speed. The small inline hockey wheels in this setup increases acceleration and the large wheels help maintain the speed.


Hockey wheels come in a few different hardness ratings and will be made to be used in differing situations. Hardness ratings on inline hockey wheels will be measured with an “A” rating on the side of the wheel or will simply be in the name as soft, medium or hard. The A rating is referring to the duromoter of the wheels and will go from the 70’s to 80’s getting harder as the number gets larger. An inline hockey wheel with a rating of 72A will offer a softer composition making it greater for skating indoors with as a hockey wheel with the rating of 82A will be harder making it greater for skating outdoors with. The softer wheels are better for indoor hockey as they will grip better on the sport court or tile surface. The harder inline hockey wheels will offer a better composition for skating outdoors giving decent grip but more importantly will be durable for skating on harder asphalt and pavement.


There are many sizes of hockey wheels available to accommodate the various wheel sizes that skates offer. Most skates will offer some sort of high-lo set up which utilizes different sized wheels in the front and back of the skate for a complete mixture of speed and control. With this being the case most inline hockey wheel sets will come in sets of 4 so you can purchase 4 wheels one size and 4 of the other size to complete your set up and not leave you with extra wheels. On the frame of most hockey skates the recommended wheel size will be listed but it is also a good idea to write down and note the wheel sizes when you purchase your inline hockey skates.


When shopping inline hockey wheels on you will notice we stock a great supply of wheels from top brands including Red Star, Labeda, Rink Rat and more. With so many selections you are going to want to ask yourself some questions to better determine what type of hockey wheels are going to best for you. AS we touched on above there are different sizes and hardness of wheels so you will need to know what size you need but more importantly where you will be playing hockey. If you are playing indoors you will want a softer wheel, outdoors you will need a harder wheel. You will also want to think of how often you are playing hockey to determine just how important performance is to you as some wheels can get pricey but will offer superior features. A lot of inline hockey players have a favorite set of inline hockey wheels so until you find yours simply try, try, try!