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Doop skates are extremely new to the inline skating market getting their start in 2012 with the intention of being the end all be all solution to skate limitation. Doop style inline skates have a similar design to standard skates in that all the wheels line up in a row like traditional inline skates. The difference is that with Doop skates you wear your own shoe and strap into the skate! Like many other companies Doop is built on a couple distinct fundamentals aimed at ensuring a positive experience on their product. The first is; Comfort, with the ability to wear your own shoes...Read More


Second is convenience, with a simple, inbuilt carry system. Third is allowing the user to be true to their own style thanks to a minimal design. And the fourth and final fundamental is; High quality and long lasting hardware perfectly designed to be suited for beginners and experienced riders alike. You can trust Doop skates to be high quality as they are developed and produced by the well known skate company, Powerslide. With great performance and a very unique design a new pair of Doop skates may be just what the Doctor ordered to spice up your inline skating lifestyle!

Doop skates may look a little weird to those used to a traditional style inline skate design but after trying them you will look past any visual issues you have with the skates. Doop has designed their skates to be super easy and quick on and off allowing users to slide their shoe in and out of the skates. This offers great comfort as you are wearing your already broken in and comfortable shoe yet the skates are designed in such a way to offer ample support for both performance and safety.

Doop skates are great for those in an urban setting where taking skates on and off often can become an issue. Doop skates are also available in a few differing styles including an urban style with smaller wheels for quick and concise turning and a more performance oriented design with larger wheels capable of faster speeds.

Not sure if everyone in your skating crew will like the Doop skate design? No problem, Doop skates are sized small and large with a shoe size conversion of 4-9 for the small and 10-14 in the large meaning many friends can share and try out the skates.

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