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K2 Inline Skates

In 1994, K2 introduced the first Softboot into the marketplace and officially putting the hard-boots down the path to obscurity. K2 was the first skate manufacturer to offer this. The Softboot has changed inline skating for the better giving you support mixed with comfort so you can be confident with your ankle support. This skate design is now the standard in the inline skating business but remember, K2 Skates were the first to have them.

Styles of K2 Inline Skates

To keep up with the many types of inline skating that people do now K2 offers various styles of skates. The main style of K2 skates you will find are recreational, performance and aggressive skates and all these disciplines of skates are available for men, women and kids. Recreational K2 skates are going to offer small to medium sized wheels great for skaters looking to skate for fitness or fun and are aimed at those skating one or two times a week. The more performance oriented K2 inline skates are going to offer larger sized wheels with lighter weight and stiffer boots to offer more performance. Performance K2 skates are great for those skating a couple times a week for greater distances and work great for those training on inline skates. K2 aggressive skates offer a beefy style with ample protection for skaters who abuse their skates in the skate park or on the streets. K2 aggressive skates are going to offer smaller wheels which may be slow for top speed but they give aggressive skaters the control they need for performing tricks.

K2 Inline Skates for Men, Women and Kids

Everyone loves to inline skate! With this in mind K2 has specifically designed inline skate fits for men, women and kids. Men's K2 skates are going to cater to the often wider and larger men's foot shape giving ample room and support. Women's K2 skates are designed by and for women giving them the correct fit for a women's specific foot shape while also donating sale profits to Breast Cancer research. Kids K2 skates offer a growing fit with easy adjustments. With adjustable K2 skates you can have your little one use the same skate as they grow up to 4-5 sizes.

K2 Skates and BOA Closures

K2 skates also have a Boa system with many of their skates. On your K2 skates, the Boa works as a cable tension tightening system that can give you a great completely customizable closure which is tight and secure. It's durable, lightweight and you can make adjustments on the fly, Boa closure system can be found on higher end models of K2 inline skates for men, women and kids.

K2 Skates Stability Cuffs

K2 skates Stability Cuffs offer the support to mesh well with the softboot design. The stability cuffs, stability plus cuffs and the enhanced stability cuffs offer greater stability while maintaining a lighter weight so you gain confidence in a stiffer more well supported K2 Inline Skate but also get the benefits of a soft boot design.

There is tons of technology that goes into a set of K2 Inline Skates to ensure you get the best skating experience possible. K2 is constantly researching and developing the best so they can stay reputable and versatile in a growing industry. For more information on K2 skates please feel free to check out our Skate-O-Pedia content section.



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