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K2 has revolutionized a lot of what we see on inline skates today. When you are shopping for K2 skates it may be a good idea to learn about some of the technologies used by K2. Here we explain about the K2 softboot, Boa skate integration, stability cuffs, and K2’s commitment to women’s inline skates.

K2 Softboot

The K2 Softboot skate design was implemented in 1995 with K2 being the first skate manufacturer to offer this. The Softboot has changed inline skating for the better giving you support mixed with comfort so you can be confident with your ankle support and yet still have great comfort in the softboot design. This skate design is what you see on most all modern inline skates.

K2 BOA inline skates

K2 Skates and Boa- This combination is great for inline skaters! Boa is a system of closure used on many things and now can be found on K2 skates. The Boa system works as a cable tension tightening system that can give you a great completely customizable closure system which is durable, lightweight and performs great. Boa closure system can be found on higher end models of K2 skates for men, women and kids and will typically be distinguished by Boa at the end of the name of the skate.

K2 inline skates stability cuffs

K2 Stability Cuffs – These cuffs offer the support to mesh well with the softboot design. The stability cuffs and stability plus cuffs offer great stability while maintaining a lighter weight so you gain confidence in a stiffer more well supported skate but also get the benefits of a soft boot design on K2 skates.

K2 women’s inline skates and women’s alliance

K2 introduced the K2 T:Nine Alliance program in 2001 headed by a diverse group of women dedicated to women’s K2 inline skates. This group of women of various ages, abilities and backgrounds are actively involved designing K2’s women’s skates as well as having a major impact in marketing, graphics and testing. Over the years the K2 women’s alliance has instituted women’s anatomical foot lasts in women’s K2 skates, sculpted cuffs, ergonomically designed powerstraps and an overall lighter weight design. All of these innovations lead to a better fitting women’s specific K2 inline skate which has been tested and trued by the women in K2’s alliance. Additional to designing these great skates K2 also donates a portion of all women’s skate sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. So, now you know that when you purchase a women’s K2 inline skate you are getting a specified fit that not only caters to women but helps a great cause.

As you can see there is a lot of technology that goes into a set of K2 skates to ensure you get the best skating experience possible. You will also want to check out the great K2 skating pads and helmets to ensure you are protected while skating; K2 puts the same great time and design into ensuring their pads and helmets offer the greatest protection while staying comfortable. Shop K2 skates today and shop comfortably knowing you are shopping some of the greatest skates available on the market.