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At you will find a great selection of kids inline skates available from the top brands including Rollerblade, K2, Bladerunner, Roller Derby and more. We offer a great selection of kids skates because we know how much kids love inline skating and how having choices makes it easier for more kids to get on skates. Available for both girls and boys in a range of designs and colors there is sure to be a set of kids inline skates that will work well for your little one. Here we are going to cover some of the most common questions about kids skates from how to size kids inline skates to what to look for when making a selection.


Most all the kids skates sold here on will be adjustable offering 3-4 sizes of adjustment so you can have your kids in the same inline skates as they grow. This makes buying kids inline skates a bit more rewarding knowing you won’t have to replace them as soon as the child grows up to the next size. Kids inline skates are going to fit similar to the kids standard shoe size so if they wear a size 2 in their shoe size a size 2 will fit in an inline skate. As kids skates are adjustable you will want to find the skate that comes closest to the size needed. For example if the skates are available from 11-2, 1-4 and 4-7 you will want to go with the 1-4 size range so you can adjust it to a size 2 and still have 2 more sizes to adjust up to. Like adult skates, kids inline skates will require some break in time and will fit better after worn a handful of times.


As a lot of the skates are adjustable you will want to be able to easily adjust them but don’t worry kids inline skates are easy to adjust. You will not need any tools to adjust the skates and can typically adjust the skates in under a minute. Not all skates are the same but most will offer a latch or button on the front of the skate that can be hit or unlatched to make it possible to move the toe box of the skates in or out to easily adjust up or down a size. For full adjustment instructions please look inside the box of your new kids inline skates as most manufacturers will include detailed instruction with the skates.


Over the years many new technologies and features have found there way into kids inline skates from those that help ease putting the skates on and taking them off to performance enhancements making skating easier and more fun for kids. Some features to look for in kids inline skates are quick lace systems which will help make it much easier for kids to put their own skates on and take them off. Quick lace systems can be as simple as an easy to pull and lock shoe lace style closure to the new BOA closures which utilize a knob and cable technology. You will also notice that the kids skates wheels and bearings may get a bit more performance oriented as the skates go up in skill level meaning that the skates will roll smoother and faster. When deciding which kids inline skates to get for your child think of how often they skate and what type of skating they are going to be doing.