Kid's K2 Inline Skates is happy to offer a wide selection of kid’s K2 skates. K2 offers great skates for kids of all ages with features to make them comfortable and safe. We stock girls K2 skates and boys K2 skates; the girls skates are often pink or purple and the boys skates are blue, red or black. Although these skates are labeled boys and girls, the sizes are kids sizes and will fit universally.

K2 has been making kids skates for many years. Kids K2 skates have gained a lot of popularity through the years with great designs and features for performance and comfort...Read More


K2’s softboot design adds additional comfort for a boys or girls foot giving them ample support yet staying comfortable like a shoe.

Sizing boy’s K2 skates and girl’s skate sis as easy as sizing a shoe, actually, it’s easier! Kids K2 skates are adjustable so you get a few sizes out of one pair of skates. K2 kids skates are going to fit similar to your child’s standard shoe size, so if you have them in a size 2 shoe, a size 2 skate should fit just fine. As the kids K2 skates are adjustable you can easily go up or down a size if the fit is not perfect once tried on.

Depending on the model, kids K2 skates will either offer a lace setup, quicklace or a BOA turn dial closure. The standard lacing is great for kids that can lace their own shoes and skates, and simply want a standard set up. The quicklace offered on K2 kids skates will be easy for your little one to do themselves and will offer a snug, secure fit. The easiest method of lacing is the Boa closure system, which operates as a dial. With the Boa closure, children simply have to spin the knob on their girls or boys K2 skates to tighten them. Kids Boa skates release easily with a quick pull on the Boa knob.

Shopping for girls and boy’s K2 inline skates has never been easier. Using’s refinements, you can easily narrow your selection of kids K2 skates. The refinements, found on the left side of the page, include skate type, price, wheel size, bearing grade, color and more. By clicking a refinement you will alter the kids K2 skates that are shown to you. For example, if you click “beginner” in the skill range, the page will automatically refresh and only show beginner kids K2 inline skates. You can also use multiple refinements, simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection and so on.

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