Kid's Rollerblade Inline Skates

Kid’s Rollerblade skates offer great support, comfort and performance for kid’s learning to skate, or for kid’s that have mastered the art of skating. Rollerblade is one of the top brands in kid’s inline skates offering great skates for boys and girls. The girl’s Rollerblade skates often offer pink or purple designs and the boy’s Rollerblade skates offer a red, blue or black design. Kids can pick whichever style suits them best as the fit difference is minimal between a girls and boys Rollerblade skate...Read More


Properly sizing a kids Rollerblade skate is easy. Most all kids Rollerblade inline skates are adjustable, meaning they will adjust up to 3-4 sizes. This makes sizing a Rollerblade kids skate easy because if the size is off slightly, you can adjust the skates to accomodate. Most Rollerblade kids skates can be adjusted without using any tools making them easy and fast to adjust. Having this adjustment not only ensures the skates are comfortable but will give your children some time in the skates as they won’t immediately outgrow the skates.

There are some different styles of kids Rollerblade skates for boys and girls, and will accommodate various skill ranges. You can choose a boys or girls Rollerblade inline skate based on your child’s ability to skate. Beginner kid’s Rollerblade skates will offer a bit smaller wheel set up and lower grade bearing to make sure your kid can learn to skate at a moderate pace. Intermediate to advanced level girls and boys Rollerblade skates will offer a slightly larger wheel and more performance oriented bearing to offer more speed and a smoother roll. No matter the skill level, all kid’s Rollerblade inline skates are going to offer a comfortable and supportive boot and liner.

It’s easy to shop kid’s Rollerblade inline skates on as we offer many refinements to narrow your selection. Using the refinements on the left side of the page will ensure you get exactly what your child needs in a skate. With these refinements you can refine the selection from all girls and boys Rollerblade skates to those that just fit your criteria. These refinements range from size, skate type, skill range, wheel size, color and more. Choosing a refinement will automatically refresh the page based on your selection. So, for example, if you choose “beginner” in the skill range refinement the page will refresh and show you only beginner kid’s Rollerblade inline skates. Multiple refinements can also be used, simply make a selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection.

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