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For those kids that would rather skate obstacles, ramps and halfpipes at the local skatepark, a kid’s aggressive inline skate is the perfect skate for them. Designed to offer kids a skate that can be used for grinding obstacles and skating ramps you will notice that kid’s aggressive skates look far different than their standard skate buddies. There are many differences between a standard inline skate and an aggressive style skate including differences in the frame, boot, wheels and inner liner...Read More


A kid’s aggressive skate boot is going to be mostly all plastic and will offer a traditional lace design with a top clasp. The all plastic design on kid’s aggressive skates offers not only protection to the child’s foot inside but makes the outside more durable for the abuse the skate will see. A traditional lace system proves to be more durable so it is used on kid’s aggressive skates rather than a speed lace or Boa style closure.

The liner used for kid’s aggressive skates is going to offer a bit more padding than a standard liner on a kid’s recreational inline skate. An aggressive skater typically needs more cushion for jumping obstacles as it will give them more cushion during a jump, and some skates will even come with a shock absorber built into the heel of the skate’s liner. With the additional padding in kid’s aggressive skates, the skates may feel a bit snug when first put on but the liner will break in and the extra padding will form around the foot.

The frame and wheel setup on kid’s aggressive skates is going to be very different than the setup on recreational skates. Aggressive skate wheels are going to be much smaller and will offer a more squared off design. The size and profile of the wheels make them more stable, and although they are not great for speed they offer great control. The frames on kid’s aggressive skates are going to offer a flat area to slide grinds, and will be made of a highly durable plastic that won’t wear quickly or break.

Kid’s aggressive skates are now available in adjustable sizes. With a fit similar to their standard shoe, kid’s can take aggressive skates the same size as their shoe size. And remember, If your child is interested in aggressive skating there is no replacement for getting them an actual kid’s aggressive skate.

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