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Doop skates are great for men and women of all skating abilities and styles. You can purchase Doop skates in varying sizes to fit nearly any shoe size, from 4 to 14. Swapping skates is as easy as adjusting the skates, which is super easy! You and your friends can swap each other’s Doop skates to try each other’s set ups!

Doop Inline Skates

Doop inline skates are great for exploring new cities and making new friends. The easy in and out design can get you from skating to walking in no time flat. With the performance of a regular inline skate, Doop skates can take your skating to the next level while allowing you the comfort and freedom of wearing your shoes.

Doop Swift Inline Skates

Be one of the first to experience this awesome new skate design. The DOOP Swift Inline Skates offer lots of comfort and convenience. Their open design is revolutionary and new, and the 100mm wheels will help you get from point A to B quickly!

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Doop Sizing

Doop skates are just like other inline skates where you can upgrade and customize them to your liking. We stock a wide range of wheels and bearings that will fit Doop inline skates so you can alter the appearance and performance to better fit your personal needs. You can find a maximum wheel size in the skate’s specs so you don’t buy wheels that will not fit. Having an extra set of wheels for your Doop skates can be good insurance on skating trips just in case you need to replace wheels in an emergency.

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