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Sperry Top Sider shoes are shoes, but even more they are a lifestyle. Putting on a pair of Sperry Top Sider shoes will take you off into a new world where comfort and relaxation peak. Sperry offers shoes for days on the water, casual office life and of course flip flops for beach walks. Sperry Top Sider focuses on comfort and durability, but function is number one on the list.

The original Sperry design elements are still found on the shoes today. With a grippy sole inspired by Paul Sperry watching his dog have amazing grip in wet conditions, an E.V.A core that adds cushioning and a leather sock lining for comfort; the original boat shoes are still everyone’s favorites today!

Sperry shoes love days on the water. From the classics to Sperry’s several styles of water shoes there are ample reasons to love wearing your Sperry shoes while kayaking or boating. With Sperry, it is becoming true that water shoes are not just bland and unfashionable, they are flashy and look great!

Sperry is known widely for their boat shoes but you can also find great style and comfort in Sperry sandals and flip flops for men and women. Sperry flip flops are available in an array of styles and colorways to ensure that no matter your personal style there is a pair of Sperry’s that will mesh for you. Sperry ensures that their flip flops are also very functional with their wave-siping technology which gives wearers great traction in wet and dry conditions. Bland flip flops are a thing of the past, find a pair of functional and flashy Sperry flip flops today!


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