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Rink Rat Wheels

Rink Rat wheels are exclusively licensed to & promoted by Mearthane Products Corporation. In the '70s MPC invented the first sealed precision bearing skateboard wheel and the famed Road Rider 2. MPC is paving the way for several of today's high intensity wheeled sports. MPC's latest innovation is their patented Mtech multi-layer technology for wheels. MPC continues to produce the fastest, smoothest riding, highest gripping wheels on the market. Rink Rat wheels are proudly manufactured in the USA and can be found here on and is the wheel of choice for Mission skates, NARCH, Star Wars and more.

Choosing the proper Rink Rat Wheels

If you are an indoor hockey player you will need wheels that require a slick tile surface and soft wheels for the best combination of grip and speed. Performance skaters need while that provide durability, comfort with high rebound for excellent energy return. Outdoor players play on hard concrete and asphalt surfaces so the wheel chemistry will need to grip and last. Choosing the proper Rink Rat wheels is simple as the wheels titles will include either indoor or outdoor to let you know whether the wheels are made for indoor or outdoor skating. Indoor wheels are going to offer a softer compound that will grip and hold on indoor surfaces better but will wear fast if worn outdoors. Outdoor wheels are going to offer a harder compound to hold up skating outdoors but will not offer enough grip for indoor use so selecting the correct wheel is very important.

Rink Rat M-Tech wheel technology

M-Tech is a soft and very resilient material similar to that of a super ball which can be found inside a set of Rink Rat Wheels. This ring within the wheels provides an increase in flex which gives you more contact with the surface you are skating on. Because the material is similar to a super ball material you get ample amounts of rebound from the wheels meaning you will accelerate out of the corner faster and have more control while maneuvering. Overall the M-Tech technology is going to offer you better grip, better acceleration, improved response and the most "ice like" feel while on your skates.

Rink Rat wheels 30 day warranty

Rink rat wheels are covered by a limited 30 day warranty through Rink Rat. This warranty covers the wheels for manufacturer defects and malfunction but will not cover normal wear and tear in the 30 day period. For Rink Rat warranty information please view their site and submit a warranty claim if necessary.

The force of 4 with Rink Rat wheels

Rink Rat wheels are sold in packs of 4 unless otherwise noted. These wheels are sold in 4 packs to accommodate those that need to purchase different sizes of wheels due to high low set ups on their skates. When you order 1 set of wheels you will be receiving 4 wheels total.



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