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Rollerblade is credited with creation of the inline skate which is an idea which had lay dormant for years. There is legend pointing to the first inline skate being developed in the 1700’s but in favor of a roller skate styling this idea would be pushed aside for much time. So long in fact that not until 1959 did someone mass produce an inline skate style skate which was aided with the invent of polyurethane wheels in 1973 but it wasn’t until two hockey playing Minnesota brothers discovered an old inline skate in a sporting goods store that the idea would take a big step. These two brothers saw this inline skate styling as a perfect off ice training for ice hockey so they tinkered with the design and assembled the first pair of Rollerblade inline skates in their parents’ basement and founded the company, Rollerblade, that same year. Rollerblade as a company has grown leaps and bounds over the years but the name Rollerblade will always be synonymous with inline skating, so much so that many call all inline skates “Rollerblades” whether or not they are in fact Rollerblade brand skates.

Recreational and Fitness Rollerblades

As the founders of Rollerblade had originally intended the main use for Rollerblade inline skates remains training and fitness to keep in shape or get in shape. Inline skating is a low impact workout that many can do and it is easier on your joints than running or jogging. Rollerblade makes specific skates designated for fitness and recreational skating so if you are skating to get in shape or simply skating to have fun and get outside these styles of skates are going to work best for you. Rollerblade fitness skates are going to be designed to be comfortable for long workouts and offer an adequate design to safely support you as you are skating.

Rollerblade Aggressive Skates

Rollerblade has had many “firsts” within their company and within the industry including ventilated shells, breathable liners and buckle closure systems but one of their great contributions is the first aggressive skate or stunt skate. The 80’s saw much growth in the inline skate industry both in popularity and design; the 80’s also saw the first Rollerblade aggressive skate. With a smaller wheel and more durable design aggressive skates offered those skating in the streets and at skate parks an easy to use skate that gave skaters the ability to skate obstacles easier. Rollerblade continues to push boundaries in the aggressive skate industry with new skates and new technology which is constantly pushing the envelope of development so that aggressive skaters can push their personal envelopes as well.

Race and Marathon Rollerblade Skates

Another popular way to utilize inline skates is in racing, whether a long race like a marathon or shorter sprints. Rollerblade offers many race inspired designs which offer a stiffer outer boot typically reinforced with carbon fiber and offering much larger wheels and more precision grade bearings. The Rollerblade race and marathon skates are going to give the users great power transfer and the ability to get up to the top speeds they need to win the race. Many racers put their trust in Rollerblade skates with their ultra lightweight design and heat moldable fits it’s easy to see why more skaters choose them.

Men’s, Women’s and Kids Rollerblade Skates

Everyone loves to inline skate and Rollerblade knows this but Rollerblade also knows that not everyone’s foot is shaped the same. Rollerblade has specific skate shapes and designs for men, women and kids based on the specific foot shape that each is going to have. Rollerblade was the first inline skate company to offer a women’s specific inline skate and the first to offer tool-less and push button adjustable children skates. It’s easy to see that Rollerblade cares about the skaters using their inline skates which is why Rollerblade is always the confident choice in skates.


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