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Rollerblade has been designing the inline skate for over thirty years. Like many great companies, Rollerblade was founded in a basement. Specifically, Rollerblade was founded in the Olson brothers' parent's basement in Minnesota. Ever since its creation it has evolved into a comfortable, fun and great form of exercise

Proper fit of Rollerblades

Fit is always key when purchasing a pair of Rollerblades. To ensure the most comfort and to truly make use of all the features so you can perform at your best, know that Rollerblade Inline Skates are going to fit very similar to your standard athletic shoe size. Say you wear a size 9 in a men's running shoe, more than likely the 9 in a Rollerblade inline skate will also fit correctly. Make sure to not increase your size though, an inline skate should fit securely and tight because you don't want your foot to move around while in the skate.

When determining if the Rollerblade skates fit is correct there are a few different things to look for. The first thing you will feel when you put on your new Rollerblades is the amount of room you have within the toe box of the skate. For a proper fit you will want your toes just barely touching the front of the toe box, not curled or crunched but comfortably to the front. This will ensure a proper fit once the skate breaks in and the padding settles putting the ankle perfectly in place. Having a proper fit in a Rollerblade inline skate will give you the highest level of performance and added control.

Types of Rollerblades

There are many disciplines of skating and to keep up with all the variations there are several types of Rollerblades. The most common type of Rollerblade is going to be the fitness and recreation styles. These styles are going to be the style of skate that most think of when they think of Rollerblades and are best used for those skating for fitness either at the park or around the neighborhood. Recreational and fitness Rollerblades can range from beginner to expert depending on how often you skate and at what level. Recreational and fitness Rollerblades are available for men and women and will have distinct fits for both.

Another popular style of Rollerblade skate is the street or aggressive skate style. These Rollerblades are going to be used by skaters doing tricks on obstacles on the street or within a skate park. Aggressive Rollerblades will offer a beefier outer shell to protect against damage and injury while offering ample interior padding for comfort and safety. As aggressive skaters are hard on their skates there is no substitute for a good pair of aggressive Rollerblades if this is the style of skating you look to do.

As rollerblading is a great and fun activity for kids you can bet there are some great Rollerblades built specifically for kids. These skates are going to offer features unique to kids including smaller wheels to make it easier to learn and control their skates and adjustability so they don't grow out of their skates too fast. These adjustable kids Rollerblades offer great features and design to ensure the skates last as long as they are going to fit and beyond as a hand me down. Kids Rollerblades offer designs for boys and girls so you can get pink or purple for your daughter or blue or red for your son.


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