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Excellent buying experience. My online chat was very helpful in selecting product to try, and also in suggesting the buy three, return two option. That option was the reason I ordered with

- Jonathan B. | Wayland, MA | 6/30/2014

Great selection of inline skates! Very easy to navigate & awesome way to shop!!!

- Jill V. | FPO | 6/29/2014

I was highly satisfied with my last inline skates from you and therefore I have returned to buy the next size up for my grandson.

- Jacki N. | Chico, CA | 6/28/2014

I had a great experience with customer service. Prompt response and very friendly. I LOVE my new rollerblades and will order again from inlineskates!

- Courtney M. | Cheyenne, WY | 6/26/2014

The guaranteed return program was wonderful! It allowed me to be confident in the skates I selected.

- Karla P. | Phoenix, AZ | 6/23/2014

The selection and prices at inline skates is great and the ease of purchasing combined with the satisfaction guarantee makes the site appealing. In the past I have used the online chat and was very satisfied with the assistance and the final product choice.

- Sonrisa P. | Huntington Station, NY | 6/22/2014

Great selection, great website, very easy to use!

- 6/5/2014

I forgot to add a free item to my last order. You fixed it for free. Keep up the awesome customer service and I'll keep on recommending you.

- 6/5/2014

I did online chat with Dru, who was very helpful and friendly. That is why I purchased from Inlineskates over a competitor who had the skates for $10 less

- 6/4/2014

I like the chat or phone option for customer service. That's probably why I have landed on Inline Skates to provide my family with skates and supplies.

- Steve D. | Longmont, CO | 5/28/2014

I wanted quality skates for my twin girls & after going online to some local sport stores I quickly realized your choices blew them out of the water. I chose to look online, so I didn't have to drive all over to find what I was looking for. I'm glad your website was inviting because I believe we are getting quality products that the girls can even grow in to. Very satified with the whole experience & the knowledge their website had on the products we were buying. Thank You Inline Skates!

- Rhea D. | Dallas, TX | 5/27/2014

Great selection of skates and full of information for the new and coming skaters.

- Karl M. | Stoughton, MA | 5/25/2014

Shopping on was a great experience!

- Angie P. | Minnnetrista, MN | 5/24/2014

I love it !!! The box is at my front door in 2 day with the free shipping promotion .All the product are great...thank you so make me smile and happy! ;)

- Geena W. | Sylvania, OH | 5/24/2014

Great website. I been wanting to purchase skates for recreational purposes. I found inline skates, and what I liked the most is that the information is readily available. I mean I really liked how they have the buyers guide, showing how to upgrade from the most basic skates. Plus, there is a lot of videos that can help you determine the best decision.

- Alberto G. | El Paso, TX | 5/20/2014

I was very pleased with the web site and vendor. Lots of selections and lot of information to help me choose a good pair of skates. the informational videos and reviews were very helpful as well.

- Scott C. | Summerville, SC | 5/16/2014

I love this website, and I've been ordering from them for the last 4 years. I'll always buy my skates from here, they have excellent customer service and you can't beat their prices. I always find what I want marked down here, in comparison to other online merchants. I also like how they have so many videos for each skate to help the customer make a better, informed decision.

- Rooshika D. | Syosset, NY | 5/16/2014

Lots of choices! Probably the best place to get inline skates these days!

- 5/16/2014

I had some questions and they answered my email within 24 hours. Great service! Also love all the videos they have on their website explaining all about skates and answering any questions one might have.

- Denise F. | Richmond, CA | 5/12/2014

Great selection, easy checkout.

- Sandi C. | 5/13/2014

Awesome! Video information made it easier to make decision on skates! There are no available skate stores where I live that have decent skates let alone a selection!

- Chris C. | Maitland, FL | 5/13/2014

Prompt service and high quality product, a perfect twosome for a successful business.

- Lena D. | Oakdale, MN | 5/13/2014

Well I just wanted to comment that InlineSkates is probably one of the best places to buy anything related to inline skating if you live in Maryland. I seem to not be able to find good places to buy them, and the closest one to me is in Canada. I am in serious need of new skates since my old ones are small to me now.

- Eric V. | Brooklyn, MD | 5/11/2014

I love the selection of wheels and bearings, with the wide selection of quality skates it lets me know that i'll be able to maintain any product i buy.

- Tediorej | 5/11/2014

Its a Pretty good website, really easy to find what I waslooking for, better than for inline skates buying is really good.Also the customer service was awesome really reallyyyy good.

- Ruben P. | Miami, FL | 5/6/2014

This site is very easy to navigate and pinpoint exactly what you need/want right away. Having the videos that go over the items helped so much in my decision and I really appreciate that. And should something mishap like wrong size or broken item, returns are a piece of cake!

- 5/3/2014

I am always skeptical in buying online, but this order was simple, the website was reassuring, and I was able to use PayPal. I will be back in the further.

- Lindsay | 5/3/2014

Easy Buy and great info about each skate. I was able to make a good informed decision about which skate to buy.

- Mike B. | Williamsburg, VA | 4/28/2014

My online experience on was amazing. Everything was practical and smooth, cant wait to say the same about my brand new inline skates. (free shipping how awesome is that)Thank you alllll!!!!

- Thalia V. | Miami Beach, FL | 4/23/2014

Glad you guys are around. No local sporting goods carry higher end inline skates.

- Randy W. | Kaysville, UT | 4/8/2014

I thought was a very organized site and was easy to complete my purchase.

- Eddie W. | Los Gatos, CA | 4/3/2014

Really impressed on how many skates there are and what the differences are between them. Never knew each had its on quality and specifications.

- Ricardo L. | Seattle, WA | 4/2/2014

I did A lot of research, and Inline Skates was the best of the best, very helpful, price matching, nice advice if needed, very friendly costumer service, 5 Stars!

- Hussein R. | Poway, CA | 4/2/2014


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