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Great selection of skates and full of information for the new and coming skaters.

- Karl M. | Stoughton, MA | 5/25/2014

I wanted quality skates for my twin girls & after going online to some local sport stores I quickly realized your choices blew them out of the water. I chose to look online, so I didn't have to drive all over to find what I was looking for. I'm glad your website was inviting because I believe we are getting quality products that the girls can even grow in to. Very satified with the whole experience & the knowledge their website had on the products we were buying. Thank You Inline Skates!

- Rhea D. | Dallas, TX | 5/27/2014

I like the chat or phone option for customer service. That's probably why I have landed on Inline Skates to provide my family with skates and supplies.

- Steve D. | Longmont, CO | 5/28/2014

I did online chat with Dru, who was very helpful and friendly. That is why I purchased from Inlineskates over a competitor who had the skates for $10 less

- 6/4/2014

I forgot to add a free item to my last order. You fixed it for free. Keep up the awesome customer service and I'll keep on recommending you.

- 6/5/2014

The selection and prices at inline skates is great and the ease of purchasing combined with the satisfaction guarantee makes the site appealing. In the past I have used the online chat and was very satisfied with the assistance and the final product choice.

- Sonrisa P. | Huntington Station, NY | 6/22/2014

The guaranteed return program was wonderful! It allowed me to be confident in the skates I selected.

- Karla P. | Phoenix, AZ | 6/23/2014

I had a great experience with customer service. Prompt response and very friendly. I LOVE my new rollerblades and will order again from inlineskates!

- Courtney M. | Cheyenne, WY | 6/26/2014

I was highly satisfied with my last inline skates from you and therefore I have returned to buy the next size up for my grandson.

- Jacki N. | Chico, CA | 6/28/2014

Great selection of inline skates! Very easy to navigate & awesome way to shop!!!

- Jill V. | FPO | 6/29/2014

Excellent buying experience. My online chat was very helpful in selecting product to try, and also in suggesting the buy three, return two option. That option was the reason I ordered with InlineSkates.com.

- Jonathan B. | Wayland, MA | 6/30/2014

One thing that is unique about this site that I really loved, is the spec videos that review the skates you are looking at in detail. The videos really helped me find the skates I wanted and I didn't feel like I was making a blind guess. I have never seen a website that offers a video review of their products, and in the area of sporting goods, it is a really really awesome!

- Krista L. | | 7/26/2014

Thank you. I purchased the skates for a birthday gift. The procedure was quick and very easy. I appreciate the selections the ease in which I was able to purchase and pay conveniently without any questions. Thanks again.

- Ronald Y. | Anaheim, CA | 8/18/2014

I was recommended by a friend, decided to trust the site when it said it was google secure. Very easy to navigate through your site, the detailed description and videos that go with your product led me to obtain my perfect skates.

- Angelo M. | New Britain, CT | 8/19/2014

One of the best online shopping experiences I had. I called customer service and a rep walked me through all the options, made great recommendations, and explained the details where I lacked knowledge. I like how each product has a video where you get to hear and see "in person". Every question I asked was answered to my satisfaction. Purchasing part was a breeze and got confirmation of purchase instantly. Will definitely recommend to friends as the place to shop for inline skates and accessories.

- Julia K. | Dumfries, VA | 9/3/2014

I ordered inline skates online for my granddaughter and I couldn't be more happy! The skates arrived the same week and I had free shipping. The skates are exactly as described online and she absolutely loves them! I didn't know how she would react because they weren't white and pink (girl colors) but the skates are so awesome she didn't care about the color! I ordered the new ALU skates made by Rollerblade. Thank you Inline Skates.com. You made my granddaughters day!

- Shari S. | Ridgefield, NJ | 10/26/2014

Liked the informational videos the site provided that went beyond the hype ads by the manufacturers'. Thanks. The site worked well and is well laid out from my perspective.

- David N. | Gilbert, AZ | 10/27/2014

Easy to purchase and checkout. It was fast and very convenient.

- Kristy L. | Monroe, NC | 11/6/2014

Easy site to navigate! Pleasant experience!

- Diane W. | Donora, PA | 11/14/2014

Great selection at great prices. Great information available to educate customers and explain the differences between products.

- David C. | Lexington, NC | 11/17/2014

Great selection, knowledgeable support staff,easy check out.

- Maria M. | Oakdale, MN | 11/24/2014

I loved that they had videos that help me understand what the product could do and what i was buying and the option on the product.

- Cathy L. | Tehachapi, CA | 11/25/2014

One of the most helpful sites EVER! Very competitive prices as well as all the info in the world to make the right decision! I'll be back

- Rose M. | Starkville, MS | 11/26/2014

I love the explanation that your site provided regarding inline skates. This information is perfect for anyone who has no idea where to begin when looking for skates

- Michelle K. | Griffin, GA | 11/29/2014

Very easy website to navigate. Great information given to make buying decision.

- Michelle M. | Mandeville, LA | 12/3/2014

Great website. Very informative and easy to navigate.

- Mark H. | Mount Tremper, NY | 12/4/2014

I have purchased several pairs of inline skates from InlineSkates.com and have always been pleased with delivery speed, selection, and price.

- Ann L. | Houston, TX | 12/7/2014

The reviews and product videos were very helpful in making purchasing decisions. I could have bought some of the merchandise through Amazon but chose to still purchase through inlineskates.com because of the helpfulness of their store/site. I wanted to give them the business directly.

- Selena H. | Birmingham, AL | 12/7/2014

The best store in the country for skates, period.

- Austin K. | Los Angeles, CA | 12/8/2014

"WOW! I have been truly educated with their information on the options available and whom they are best for. I really enjoyed the blog page as well! Thank you InlineSkates.com and Summit Sports!"

- Cheryl L. | Orlando, FL | 12/12/2014

Well organized and clearly describes the products and their use. I felt like I made an informed and pleasant purchase.

- Orey G. | Oceanside, NY | 1/4/2015

Excellent prices, discounts, coupons and customer service, highly recommended.

- Greg H. | Mendon, VT | 1/14/2015

You guys's customer service is seriously one of the best I've come across, you didn't have the product I wanted originally but you oferred me quite a bit of options and contacted me immediately which I really appreciate since my little girl really wanted skates for Christmas and you guys made it happen. I am eternally grateful to you guys and we will be doing some more shopping with you in the near future, keep up the great work, a very happy mom.

- Maria G. | Lynwood, WA | 1/14/2015

The site is easy to navigate and provides a great amount of information about their products.

- Robert H. | Broken Arrow, OK | 1/29/2015

Great website, lowest prices, best products!

- Megan M. | Seabrook, NH | 1/30/2015

They even responded to my unnecessary banter about how excited I was to get new skates. A+ vendor.

- Whitney W. | Winter Park, FL | 2/1/2015

I went to youtube to get some information about which stakes should I choose for my child and that's how I found out about inlineskates.com, I liked how you guys were on top of everything! Thank you!

- Eliana R. | Albemarle, NC | 2/4/2015

I ordered the wrong skate size for xmas and had to send them back and continuously checked via email on the status of my return. After a couple weeks i finally called and the woman on the other end was nothing short of magical. Im talking about you ALISHA VEGA!!! I explained the situation to her and she quickly and efficiently expedited the process of my return an my new order. She even gave me a discount!!!. It was very fast and painless experience, She accomplished in five minutes what i had been trying to do for 3 weeks. I will do business with your site in the future and it will be because of my experience with Alisha Vega!!! Thanks again!!!

- Jon B. | Tampa, FL | 2/3/2015

I suggest that Andru Castle the person on the Live chat gets a promotion!! He was so nice and really helpful even when I asked some pretty silly questions!! He is really doing a good job made me feel really at ease asking for help. basically gonna list off the the best of his qualities. 1. SUPER helpful answered all my questions with ease! 2. Really just a nice guy and up for a laugh like it makes you feel like your talking to a person you know? 3.He is a super hard worker. 4. Has a great memory remember my name when i went back for support. Those are just some of the many things that makes Dru great!!

- Sean B. | Irvine, CA | 2/7/2015