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Why to Choose a Wheel and Bearing Kit


If your wheels and bearings wear out over time, no need to buy a whole new set of inline skates, try picking up a wheel and bearing kit. The most convenient part of buying a wheel and bearing kit over wheels and bearings separate is that the bearings come pre installed in the wheel, saving you the hassle of putting them together. When considering which wheel and bearing kit to purchase, make sure you account for the size, hardness and shape of the wheel. Smaller wheels provide more agility and control while larger wheels are meant for speed. The type of inline skating you do will have a large impact on which wheel and bearing kit you should select. To check out more about inline skate wheels check out our buying guide here.


One of the components of wheel and bearing kits are obviously the wheels. Wheels should be selected based on a few components, one of which being their durometer or hardness. The durometer of your wheels will vary on what kind of grip you want, what weather you are riding in, what kind of wear your wheels will be getting and your body weight. Be sure that the wheels in your wheel and bearing kit will meet your needs as an inline skater.


Now when you are considering which bearing will be right for your skating needs when you select a wheel and bearing kit, it is important to know what size bearing your skates will accommodate. Inline skate bearings use a rating system called ABEC that runs from 1-9. The higher the bearing number, the better the performance of the bearing. With wheel and bearing kits, the ABEC rating of the bearing will correspond with the wheel size for maximum performance. To find out more about wheel bearings check out our buying guide here.


Once you have selected which of our wheel and bearing kits meets your needs, be sure to use proper maintenance methods and check them regularly. Exposure to dirt and water will slow down your skating and make the whole experience much less enjoyable, prompting you to need a new wheel and bearing kit. To check and see if you’re bearings need maintenance or to be replaced, spin your wheels and see if the continue spinning for a bit after you stop, if you hear metal rubbing on metal, you make want to replace them.


With wheel and bearing kits, everything is already done for you, all you need to do is pop off your old wheels with their bearing and pop on the new ones. So save yourself the time and pick up an inline skate wheel and bearing kit today!


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