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Women’s outdoor roller skates offer various designs with great performance for outdoor skating. Outdoor roller skates have to be able to withstand being rolled around hot pavement going over small pebbles, rocks, and cracks. There are many different styles of women’s outdoor roller skates including the classic white boot, retro colorways, and funky designs With so many choices in a pair of women’s outdoor roller skates it’s best you know what you’re looking for when shopping...Read More


What makes a women’s outdoor roller skate different? Women’s roller skates for outdoor skating are going to offer a more durable wheel setup, additional support in a taller boot and wheels soft enough to absorb bumps. The wheels on women’s outdoor roller skates have to walk the line of durability and smoothness being hard enough to not chunk away on the pavement yet deliver a smooth roll. The boots on a women’s outdoor roller skate will be of the taller style giving skaters more support and performance.

Are there retro style women’s outdoor roller skates? Yes! There are some great retro style women’s outdoor roller skates. Brands have offered brightly colored skates and skates with funky allover designs to their lineup giving them an old school flair. Great for the reintroduction of carhops working in roller skates all over the country!

When shopping for a new pair of women’s outdoor roller skates, use the product refinements to narrow your search down. The product refinements are found on the left side of the page and have clickable values within each refinement box. These refinement boxes range from skill range, price, and color, to closure type, cuff height, wheel size, and bearing grade. When you choose a refinement the page will automatically refresh to show you results based on your selection. For example; if you chose pink in the color refinement, the page will refresh and show you only women’s pink outdoor roller skates. You can also use multiple refinements, simply wait until the page refreshes from your first selection and then you can make another, and so on.

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