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‘Airborne’ Turns 20 and I’m Feeling Old


By Chris Gorski



Airborne Movie Image


So Airborne is actually a little over 20 years old as it came out on September 17th 1993 but I just noticed and now I feel old. Airborne is one of those staple movies for inline skaters and aggressive skaters growing up. Starring Shane McDermott, Seth Green and Jack Black, among others, this film offered a go to movie for inline skaters and was surely responsible for raising some interest in the sport.


The premise of the movie offers a sorta Fresh Prince of Bel Air vibe with (spoiler alert) Mitchell Goosen, played by Shane McDermott having to go live with his aunt, uncle and cousin amid his parents departure to Australia for work. Originally from California Mitchell has a slightly tough time fitting in at his aunt and uncles in Cincinnati, Ohio. His cousin Wiley, played by Seth Green, is also his new roommate for 6 months. The film’s premise is basically an ongoing battle between Mitchell and Wiley, and the city’s hockey team which culminates with a wicked race down the town’s infamous hill entitled Devil’s Backbone.


OK, so if you haven’t seen Airborne and you like inline skating you need to step your game up and find this flick and give it a watch. Is it a cinematic masterpiece, no, but it will offer you some fun watching as you reminisce over early 90’s inline skating.