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10 Inline Skate Ads – The Good, Bad and Ugly


This Band Aid ad features a band aid man skating down a blurred city street. It looks like a skater all bandaged up after getting some mad road rash. Subliminal message; buy Band-Aid brand band aids when you fall while inline skating.


Band-Aid Inline Skating Ad





Ad from Brantano that both scares me and makes me happy. We have a dog strapped to a rocket while wearing inline skates. Obviously we don't condone doing this to animals but all in fun it's enjoyable to look at.



Brantano Inline Skating Ad




It's the Crush soda inline skating monster! This is truly one of the best I've seen; you get a crazy looking monster wearing 3 pairs of inline skates that look to be from the early 90's.



Crush Inline Skating Ad




The next two ads come from Evian bottled water and they feature roller skates instead of inline skates. Although they are not wearing inline skates I still like the party aspect; first is a bunch of babies that look to be dancing and the next is a group of adults having a roller party.



Evian Inline Skating Ad



Evian Inline Skating Ad Pink





This ad for Propel features a woman inline skating through a burst of water. I think someone might want to tell her that inline skates and water don't mix!


Propel Inline Skating Ad




This ad is an old school ad from Rollerblade brand inline skates. The old school skates and outfits worn by these skaters make this ad simply fantastic. Don't they look like they are having fun!



Vintage Rollerblade Ad





This ad for twin cam inline skate bearings really puts an emphasis on speed. With a blurred out inline skate legend Eddy Matzger it really drives home the point that these bearings are quick!



Twin Cam Inline Skate Ad.





Go ahead and judge me but this is my favorite; here we have the elusive Rollerblade Barbie caught in her natural habitat. This may not be the best picture of Rollerblade Barbie but legend says any better or bigger would cause permanent eye damage.



Rollerblade Barbie





If you're an aggressive skater you'll know this next one; a Roces ad featuring the one and only Arlo Eisenberg. This takes me back in time as an aggressive skater.


Roces Arlo Ad




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