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2014 K2 Alexis X Pro Womens Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 K2 Alexis X Pro Womens Inline Skate

K2 VO2 100 X Pro

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Transcript of 2014 K2 Alexis X Pro Womens Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of, and joining us today is Mike Powell from K2 - the skate guru, fresh in from Seattle. Just flew in last night. Are your arms tired? They are feeling a lot better this morning, thank you. So, I've got in front of me the K2 Alexis X Pro. Now, besides the features, I think this is a really good looking skate. I like the different color wheels on it. I think that's cool, I've never seen you guys do that before. Great coloring on the skate. But this is a real performance skate as well, this is for someone who wants to really get good performance out of a skate so let's kind of talk about what this skate's got.

So, let's start with the lacing system. So, this has got a little bit of an upgrade from the model below in the lacing system. Yep. You've got a K2 Speedlace System here. And pretty much you have this handle to get your foot into this skate, you pull up on this handle, it engages all these laces and tightens them up and then a locking mechanism here keeps that skate snug. To get out, you just push this little button and it loosens up your whole skate. Really easy way to get the skates much tighter than you could by a typical lace with a bow on it. Yeah, much easier. And then you combine that with your Powerstrap here that's going to lock your heel into the heel pocket. Your ratcheting buckle that's going to engage that cuff to give you the support you need and, you know, you got the perfect closure for how a Softboot is built. And before we get to the frame of the wheels, can you talk about that little pink ribbon that's on the side?

So that's the BCRF ribbon. A percentage of all K2 skate sales and some of our other products as well go to the BCRF and since 2000... And BCRF is? The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you. And we have given over 2 million dollars to this foundation since 2000. Something we're proud to do and we show that by putting the pink ribbon on our skates. So a little bit of the purchase price goes towards that. Yes. So, now the wheels and bearings and particularly the frame on this is real performance-oriented. Yeah, so in the K2 line this when you get your first aluminum frame and aluminum frame is great for power transfer. It really puts all the energy that you've got into your skate, into the road. It's going to generate higher speeds and aluminum is also a much more stable skate so, err frame, so when you're going really fast, you're not going to feel it in the frame, it's going to still be that smooth-like-butter ride based on having that aluminum frame. Just like an airplane. And now the wheels and bearings, you've got a Hi-Lo set up here. We have smaller wheels in the front. They're not just a different color, they're also smaller. Yeah. And larger wheels in the back. Now, why would you do that? Well, we call it Fitness Hi-Lo and we do it for a couple different reasons: 1) it's a very stable way to build a skate so it's going to keep you stable at speed; 2) You get the benefits of the big wheels in the back is going to create some speed. The small wheels in the front are going to create some maneuverability so it's the best of both worlds really. You get a maneuverable skate that'll still go at high speed. It doesn't tilt you in a forward angle? No, no. It doesn't. Well, how come? Well, because our engineers were way smarter than myself and they were able to figure a way to actually cheat these wheels up in the back, the bigger wheels, without touching the base of this skate so you could actually have 4 wheels in the same plane but get the benefits of 2 different wheel sizes.

Gotcha. Did we miss any other features on that skate? I know it's got a nice sort of breathable softboot that has really good anatomical fit to it as well. Yeah, we built this softboot for the performance fitness skater out there who needs the support, who needs the comfort, who needs performance and when you look at this skate, you know the person that's going to be buying this skate is that performance fitness skater or that new skater who just wants an aluminum frame and they want to get into a great K2 skate and not have to upgrade later on. Yeah, I really feel like this is sort of the beginning of the point where you're going to get a real quality skate that's going to give you the fit and the performance that will make you want to keep skating and skate a lot more often. And I think you nailed that on the head right there, Steve. Thank you. You guys wanna hire me, give me a job? Uh, we'll think about it. We've got to pass a drug test and a bunch of different stuff so we'll see if you can do that. Thanks for joining us, wow you really kind of got me on that one. I know. Sorry. Thanks for joining us today on the Daily Spin. This is the Alexis X Pro. This has been Mike and maybe I'll be working for K2 shortly. Thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin. He's our new intern.


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