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2014 K2 Athena Womens Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 K2 Athena Womens Inline Skate

K2 VO2 100 X Pro

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Transcript of 2014 K2 Athena Womens Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of With us today is Mike, the guru from K2 from Seattle to tell us about skates. Yes. And, in my lap is the K2 Athena for women. So, this is the beginning of sort of K2's fitness lines. We're out of the rec line, we're starting in the beginning of the fitness line. It's similar in specs to the model below it but it has a much higher performance boot. Yeah.

What's different about this boot, Mike? Well, I think you can just see and just the visibility of the boot and when you put your hand in here and feel the padding, I mean, fitness skaters are out there. They're skating more than those rec skaters. They're really putting some torq into their skates and they're logging miles and it's a higher performance softboot and it's made for that person that's out there. They're going to be skating three-to-five times a week using skating as their fitness activity. But what makes it higher performance? Why is that boot more anatomically correct? I mean it's just a snugger, more performance fit and it's what you need when you're fitness skating. It's not the bucket fit that you get in sort of a rec boot, it's just comfortable when you put it in. It more shapes around your foot. I notice the foam was much more dense and much more contoured around the ankles and stuff like that. Yeah, I think if you look at it you we build our skates on comfortable and performance and then that rec line, you know we put a lot of value into preferred comfort on this fitness line, comfort and performance are equal. You have to have the best of both worlds. Because skating is not going to be any fun if you're feet aren't comfortable or you're getting blisters and stuff like that so this is really going to be molded around your foot. Exactly. All right, so you've got an 80mm wheel, ABEC 5 bearing on it - pretty good starter bearing for beginner to intermediate skater.

Yeah. Any other features you want to kind of point out? Getting in for that fitness skater, I mean, some of the things that we do, we put up Tech Composite frame here, sucks up a lot of road vibration so it makes that roll a little bit smoother. And then when you get up into the closure, you've got your traditional lace system, you got your Powerstrap which keeps your ankle in the right spot. Show us the Powertrap. Okay. And then, your ratcheting buckle here which really engages this cuff and gives you a lot of support. So, for the fitness skater out there, someone getting into fitness skating and using it as part of their workout, this is, you know, where you want to start and it only gets better from here. Okay. So, there you have it. That's the K2 Athena Skate for women. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us on this addition of the Daily Spin.


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