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2014 K2 Charm X Boa Girls Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 K2 Charm X Boa Girls Inline Skate

K2 VO2 100 X Pro

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Transcript of 2014 K2 Charm X Boa Girls Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of, and with us today is Mike Powell, the skate guru from K2. Flew in direct from Seattle last night. Thanks for joining us, Mike. Thanks for having me. Do you know anything about skates? I think so. Cause I'm going to ask you some questions. Here we go. So, this is the K2 Charm X Boa. So, we've gone through the K2 line for kid's skates, we've kind of worked our way up, this is the top-of-the-line in the kid's skates. Yep. And it's got all the features we've talked about which we'll go through again but it's got the Boa which is super cool. Yes, it has. I like the colors on this skate too. It's nice. But let's start with the the adjustability feature. All K2 skates have adjustability. Which does what? So,it's 5 full sizes of adjustability and it pretty much makes these skates last more than one season. With the push of a button here, you push the button, you pull this out, you get 5 full sizes and it allows for a kid to use this pair of skates for about three seasons. The key to a good fit on a skate, the key to a good performance on a skate, is a good fit, right? Yeah. Parents like to buy their parents a little big so their kids can grow into it. They don't have to do that with the adjustability. No. And you'll find that by buying the right size your kid's going to become a better skater right away and with this skate, you get them in the right size and it grows with their foot. So, in addition to being the right size now, you've got this amazing closure system so the other skates had laces and they had straps and they had ratchet buckles on the top, those are all gone now in place of this Boa system.

Can you show us how Boa works Yep. So, Boa, is this dial up here and pretty much to get out of the skate, I just pop this dial here and I pull right here and the tongue allows the kid to get out of the skate. When you put a kid in the skate, push the button here, twist the dial. So easy, a two year old can do it and getting in and out of a skate has never been easier. The fit that you get on a Boa skate, with the Spectra lace that runs through it is phenomenal so you can see the lacing here, it's a Spectra that's guaranteed for life... Spectra, that's tech talk. Sorry. It's like a nylon, right? Yeah. And it actually goes inside that little wheel, right? Yeah, it goes inside the wheel and you just dial it in when you're on the trail you can actually dial in the fit right there so you can tighten it up while you're skating. Because as the kid skates, the boot tends to loosen up a little bit, the foot gets a little uncomfortable so they can actually tighten it up and get that tight, performance fit even better as they go. Exactly. So, you've got some wheels and bearings on this skate too, right? They come with wheels and bearings that make it a skate so... There's something special about these ones though. Yeah, it's got he Hi-Lo System pretty much you got a 72mm wheel in the front, 2 72s, 2 76mm wheels in the back. What that does is it gives the best of both worlds. It creates a low center of gravity for that skater out there while it's also a very maneuverable skate as well so you get a little bit higher speed as well as and, all around, combine that with that ABEC 3 Bearing that's in there and it's a perfect, perfect learning tool. Yeah, so just so the parents understand, the skate's not tilting forward, the natural arch of the foot is higher in the back, the heel's up, so there's bigger wheels in the back where you have that extra space... Exactly. ...and lower wheels in the front so not pushing the whole skate up. It stays low for center of balance and gravity and be able to be real stable but the bigger wheels in back allow for more speed and better performance. Exactly, exactly. So, that's what we did with this skate. It comes with a brake, it's got the reflective feature on the back as well and of course the K2 Softboot performance, right? Yeah, I mean we look at this as there is no better inline skate for kids out there.

Well, yeah, you're a little bias. No, I'm not biased at all, Steve. 9 out of 10 skaters say that. Yeah, we talking about your family? Maybe. So, anyways, can you describe for us the perfect female customer for this skate? Well, it's someone who is has skated before or a new skater whose parents want to get them into the best. But, anybody who puts, any kid that gets their foot into this skate is going to feel the performance and feel what inline skating is all about. Or like the Cadillac and the Ferrari all kind of put together for a little girl. Exactly. Yeah, I'd like to say Ferrari. There you go. Well, thanks, Mike. That's been the Charm X Boa from K2. This has been the Daily Spin. Thanks for joining us.


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