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2014 K2 IL Capo Urban Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 K2 IL Capo Urban Inline Skate

K2 VO2 100 X Pro

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Transcript of 2014 K2 Il Capo Urban Inline Skate Overview by
Hey, what's going on out there? I'm Steve, this is the Daily Spin. This is Mike. Where you from, Mike? Seattle. Seahawks! Who? Seahawks. That's how we say it. Oh, and what company do you work for? K2. You actually work or you just get a check from there? I get a check from there and I show up at happy hour. That's what people ask me, how many work for you? I say about half of them. Anyways, this is the Daily Spin. We're going to talk about the K2 Il Capo today. Yes. The skate boss. Yeah. This is kind of an unusual skate. Kind of looks like an aggressive skate. Kind of looks like an urban street skate. Not really sure what's going on here. This is kind of a hybrid, right? Definitely, a hybrid. Runs on gasoline and electricity. Yep, you can plug it in overnight and it's ready to fly the next day. So, I don't even know what to ask you about this. I'm just going to give this to you and let you explain it.

Okay. All right. Go for it. If you look at this it's part aggressive, part urban for sure so if you look at the upper here it resembles the Fatty. The K2 Fatty that you may have seen... Who are you calling fat? No, I'm not calling you fat, I'll tell you that. You look great. You look amazing. Yeah, whatever. But anyway, I'm talking about that fat, I'm talking about the K2 Fatty that you might have seen on the X-Games podium years ago or just skating... You call the guy on the podium fat? He was but he was doing...he won some fat cash... Can you get back to Il Capo, please? Yeah, sure, why not? So, when you're looking at this skate, you get all the support of the K2 aggressive cuff so it's the most supportive cuff in the K2 line. Then you get the upper that's of the Fatty that we styled for the Il Capo with a really beefy power strap here so it's going to hold your ankle in back in the heel pocket and really just be a secure skate. You also get the sole frame here so you're able to do some... Sole frame! Yeah, exactly, it's kind of like the train but a frame and pretty much when you look at this, you've got your sole frame here which will allow you to do a lot of boot-based tricks.

A lot of what? Boot-based tricks. I know you're into sole grinds and all kinds of macchios and different tricks. All the time. Yeah, I've seen you skate. So, you've got boot-based tricks available here...yeah, I stumbled right there but, you know, what? I'm going to keep going. No, we're not stopping. And then you look and here's where the real hybrid comes in because instead of 55mm wheels and a really short frame, you get a short frame but an 80mm frame that is perfect for... You really can skate somewhere on this skate. Oh yeah, yeah, you can. It's 80mm. It's great for cities. With a short frame like this, it's really great for just crossing over, skating cones, commuting. It's a really quick edge-to-edge skate and it's really fun to skate on. I see something though that I want to grind on the way? You can definitely do it. You can, you know, do the tricks based here on your sole frame.

Okay. So, this is the Il Capo. It is the ultimate hybrid. It's the best of both worlds and it's super-fun. And the customer for this skate is? You know, the customer spans, you know, all age groups really. It's anybody from the kid who wants to mess around at the skate park but skate home on the street to the adult who wants to commute through the streets to get to work to the person who wants to skate cone and kind of do that urban skating so it really takes us back to the skate of '98 when people just skated as much as they possibly could everywhere across the city. This kind of skate brings back that vibe and it's super fun to skate on such a short frame. Great. So, thanks for joining us, Mike. Did you want to say hi to your mom? Hey mom, how ya doing? I'll be home a little late for dinner and I'd like the Shepherd's Pie. Thank you. Are you done now? And some milk please. Chocolate? I don't care at this point. All right. Thanks for joining us. This has been the Daily Spin. Have a great day.


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