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2014 K2 Marlee Pro Girls Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 K2 Marlee Pro Girls Inline Skate

K2 Marlee Pro Girls Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2014 K2 Marlee Pro Girls Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of, and with me today is Mike Powell. Welcome, Mike. Thanks, Steve. Mike just flew in last night from Seattle to join us. He's the skate guru for K2 and we're going talk today about the K2 Marlee Pro. So, the Marlee Pro is the upgraded skate for girls. There's a regular Marlee and then the Marlee Pro. So, as with all kids skates from K2, you guys have a really nice feature - the adjustability on this skate. Yes. So, can you tell us about that and show us how that works?

So, what we do is we have a push button adjustment system here where you get 5 full sizes of adjustability with the push of a button. I just push this button and push it in and you easily get this adjustment. It allows skates to last, you know, where a skate used to last maybe a year because the kid's foot was growing, you can get three seasons out of a skate like this. And this way you don't have to buy the skate a little big so the kid can grow into it, it can fit right. Exactly. Support's really important when you have a kid starting out or trying to get better in skating. Yeah, and it's not fun if it doesn't fit right. I think that's one of the key points to this skate is the closure system that give that support - it's got actually 3 different closure systems, correct? Yes, and you know with the upgrade here, I'll talk about one of them which is a key one, which is this quick lace system here. So, you have your quick lace system, your Powerstrap and then your ratcheting buckle here but this quick lace really makes it easy for the parent or the kid to get in and out of the skate. It's got a locking mechanism here so you just give one tug on this, you get a really tight fit in your lacing system here so it gets really snug fit on the foot, it's easy to use and when you're out on the trail skating, if your skate loosens up a little bit, normally you'd have to stop, tie those skates, and, you know, it takes a few minutes, with this quick lace, it's just another pull of this string here, roll it up and you're ready to skate again. And the kid can do it himself, he doesn't have to be able to tie a bow or anything like that. Exactly. It makes it easy and it makes it really fast. So, great support is going to give the kid a lot more ability to control the skates and get better on them. Yep, and that's what we're looking to do.

And then the next thing I wanted to talk about was the wheels and bearings so there's an upgrade in wheels and bearings, or actually on the wheel portion of this skate over the regular Marlee, what is that? So, we put a 72mm wheel on this skate. Versus a 70. Versus a 70. So, what's the benefit of that? The benefit is just a smooth roll. The bigger wheel's going to get you moving a little bit faster. It's a smooth roll but what you also get is that ABEC 3 bearing in there so you're still going to be able to control your speed when you look at bearings they go ABEC 3, 5, 7 or 9 and three being the starter for a bearing, that's what we want to put new skaters in. They don't put 7s and 9s in kid's skates anyways, right? No, they don't. So, and then, K2 Softboot Technology, real comfortable boot. The reflective feature on the back. Any other features on here that we missed? You know, you hit it with the Softboot right there. I think that's the most important thing about the whole K2 skate line is having a skate that fits better than anything else on the market. You know, you want to be comfortable out there and you want to have fun and that's what we're trying to deliver. So, fit, performance and fun.

Now, this skate is available in 2 different ways, correct? Yeah. And they are? They are skate by itself, Steve, or with this protective pack here so you get knee, elbow and wrist. We highly recommend that you wear full protection whenever you're out there and buy a helmet as well because that's key. So, if they've already got the pads, they can just buy the skate. If they don't, they should probably buy it as a pack. Exactly. It actually saves them some money. Exactly. Describe for us who the ideal customer is for this skate. So, it's for the new skater or someone who hasn't had a real skate before. When I say a real skate, a performance product with a lot of support that's going ot make skating fun. First time skater or maybe they had a low end inexpensive non-brand skate that doesn't really give good support or doesn't have good wheels and now we get them into a real skate. Yeah. K2 is a real skate. Okay. Well, there you have it. Thanks, Mike. Thank you. And thanks for joining us today on this edition of the Daily Spin.


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