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2014 Rollerblade Igniter 100 Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Steve Cherrier, President of Rollerblade Skates, and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 Rollerblade Igniter 100 Mens and Womens Inline Skate

Rollerblade Igniter 100 Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2014 Rollerblade Igniter 100 Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview by
Welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve the owner of and with me today is Steve Charrier from Rollerblade and we've been talking about skates all day, haven't we? We are. And this is something brand new. The Igniter. The Rollerblade Igniter 100. And this is sort of a cross between kind of two different skates, right? Well, yeah it is, Steve. It's 100mm wheel skate. Which you usually find on low cuff, more racing- oriented skates, right? With a full height cuff skate. So, its going to give you support. The skate does, it doesn't have a brake on this sample here, but it will come with a brake. So, it's going to give you good braking power and more support in the skate but 100mm big wheel experience. So, more supportive but maybe a little bit more comfortable fit but that experience of having that super fast, super strong aluminum frame. Good wheel, really high-end bearing. Yeah, so a fast 100mm wheel. It's also, 100mm wheel is also really good for rolling over rough pavement. It's just a nicer experience. Now, there's a defect in this skate I wanted to point out. You guys only put a 90mm wheel right here. We ran out of 100mm wheels, that's actually very intentional. There's a reason for that. There is. Can you tell us what that is? Well, one thing bigger wheels is a nice experience, it rolls over things really well... And a bigger wheel, one rotation goes further so you get more speed eventually, right? And it also rolls over bumps but it also adds height to the skate. So, the critical point on a skate here is the second wheel position...

That's where the boot would normally be the lowest, right? Yeah, that's where it gets closest to the boot to the ball of your foot. By putting a 90mm wheel right here in this position we can lower the boot down lower into what we call a Lo-Balance frame position. At Rollerblade we try to get every skate as low as possible so by changing this out we could give you a full height cuff, 100mm wheels and all that speed and experience... The experience of a 100mm wheel but you're lower to the ground. But not get too high. So, the other thing I noticed on this skate is its got a little different addition to the closure system. Can you show us that? It does. It has a special lace lock on here, open this top buckle and show you. But when you're lacing this skate you can just simply pull up on the lace system here and then slide down the lace lock and then this Velcro's right back to the tongue. And this is sort of a high tech lace too which moves really smoothly. It's a narrow lace. It'll go through these lace guides really easily. And you also have a ratcheting buckle on here so you can fine tune the buckle to get just the right fit out of it. So, you can even kind of do that on the fly as you're going you just kind of feel... You could. ....that's one thing I've noticed is after I've skated for 20 or 30 minutes I usually want to tighten my skates down a little bit. So, you know, either while you're skating or just stopping you can easily pull a little on this, pull it all and just bring it down just a little bit more. Exactly. Okay. So, venting. I noticed there's a little more venting on this skate as well. There is. There's a little more venting in the front to try to keep it cooler.

You'll notice, so, there's an SG9 bearing on this skate with a high quality aluminum frame. One thing that happens when you get into larger wheels like this your frame length gets larger as well so it's a little bit different skating experience but if you're a better skater you'll appreciate that. So, this is really for the skater that's going to spend a little more time on their skates, right? Exactly. More venting, more performance, more comfort. It's good for distance skating. A little bit better skater and but it also is going to offer that extra support. Now, up to this point we've said most of the models could be a first time skater, probably wouldn't recommend this one for a first time skater, would you? Because of the longer frame. Yeah, it would be a little bit of a stretch. If someone was very athletic, skied a lot or something like that, used to balance sports they could get into a skate like this but, yeah, this is generally an intermediate or beyond skater. Now, neither of these have a brake on them but the other models they sort of did but it does come with the skate. It comes with a brake in the box, yes. All right, so ideal skater for this skate? And by the way, I have the women's version of it in my hands and you have the men's. I do. So, who's the customer for this skate? It's like I said, it's an intermediate or beyond skater. Someone looking for a big wheel experience but wants the support and especially braking support, is what you get from the... So, it's perfect for you know, that cross-trainer. Someone who wants to get fit, go fast but have a lot of fun and do it a couple times a week or something like that. Exactly. Okay. so, there you go. There is the Rollerblade Igniter 100. Thanks for joining us today, Steve, on the Daily Spin. Thank you. Thanks for joining us at home.


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