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2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 100 and 110 Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Steve Cherrier, President of Rollerblade Skates, and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 100 and 110 Inline Skate

Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 100 and 110

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Transcript of 2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 100 and 110 Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of inlineskates, and with me is Steve "Rocket Ship" Charrier, right? That's my name. Yeah, because I think this skate looks like a rocket ship here. This thing looks like it's fast. Yeah. So, let's kind of start with, well, we got this new, well, it's called a...what is it called? It's called the GT, the GTMs. Okay, it's a Powerblade, right? Yeah. And what's the difference between the two skates that we have? This is the 100mm version and you have the 110mm version in your hands. But other than that they're identical. They're the same boot. So, it's the GT. Does GT mean something? It stands for Gravitational Torque. And you'll notice the big change on this skate is the center mount on the frame. Right. Right here. So, the skate is mounted just under the foot. It's centered basically when it's mounted to the frame... What's the advantage to that? It gives you a balance power basically, like any balanced sport like skiing, you want to be centered over your ski or over your frame and wheels. So, with a longer frame like 100mm wheels and 110mm wheels... These are long frames. ...the frames get long so the GT center mount allows you to carve a turn and deliver, transfer energy better, it makes the skate fast.

Okay, so basically either that direct connection from your knee to the skate is even more so, more power. High quality aluminum frame. Really solid mounting point here. It is adjustable. On a skate of this performance there's... The frame is adjustable? Yep. There's 2 mounting points here and you can adjust the frame, tow the frame out. Why would somebody want to do that? You do that so, you know, we all have a different stance the way we stand on our skates, you want to be centered, have the frame centered underneath your feet so it's something you adjust to your own skating style. So I know these are pretty high tech wheels and bearings, tell us about those. It is. These are our new Hydrogen wheels and basically... Are they made with real Hydrogen? No, there's no real hydrogen. It's around the wheels. Oh, I get it. So, this is a new wheel line from Rollerblade we're introducing, it's basically highest quality wheels we could make. Super fast... These are $100 plus wheels just by themselves. Yep, they're poured in the USA. Made in the US, yes. And we set out to make the best quality wheel we could and that would be the Hydrogen. And what bearing is in this? This is the HTO Bearing on your model there and this skate comes with the SG9. Okay, so you do get a wheel and a bearing upgrade on this model. Okay, all right, now we gotta talk the boot because this boot is something special, right? It is.

Now the lacing on it doesn't go down the middle. It goes down the side. What is that called and what is it for? It's called asymmetrical lacing, okay. And skating is a lateral sport We're always pushing to the outside so you need support on the inside of the skate here. That's where you need the support and this part of the vamp on the skate is really needs to be supportive to your skating stride. So putting an asymmetric lacing on the outside like this allows us to give you more power and better conversion. Does that prevent that sort of spot where the pressure kind of when you try to tighten it real tight you get that pressure on the top of your foot. Yeah, for the tongue, that's true but it's really more about having this control right in here. That's support that really transfer energy from your foot through to the frame. Okay. So, tell us about these other closures. What else is going on with this? Well, you have a 45 degree ratchet closure over the foot. You have the asymmetric lacing. This is micro ratchet adjusted. Micro ratchet and you know there's the lacing to the asymmetric lacing goes low down on the foot. Sure. And you also have a nice micro-adjustable buckle on the top.

Okay. What have we missed? Anything? One other point, you'll notice it's a lower cuff skate. Sure. Okay, this has a liner in it. It's going to be a comfortable skate but this is the GTM stand for marathon so it's like a marathon series style skate. For someone who's training, skating distances. It's going to have a lower cuff that's going to give you a better stride and more speed but it still has the comfort of a liner and it's not a full race skate. So, I think you kind of explained it but, you know, this is kind of a specialty skate. Who's the perfect customer? What does that customer want to do with their skate that they would want to buy a skate like this? They want to skate distances and they want to go far. They're going to to be training... Do they want to go fast? They want to go fast, yes, and the bigger wheels will allow you to go fast, a longer frames, the lower cuffs, but it still has a really comfortable form-foot patented liner in there. It's going to be comfortable skating 40 miles. This is an athlete's skate, right? It is. Absolutely. So, there you have it. This is fast, it's functional and it's got lots of...people will definitely notice you out on the skate trail on a skate like this. So, there it is. The Rollerblade Powerblade. We've got the GTM 100 and the 110, correct? Correct. All right, thanks for all that great information, Steve. Thank you. Thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin.


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