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2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110 Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Steve Cherrier, President of Rollerblade Skates, and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110 Inline Skate

Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110

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Transcript of 2014 Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110 Inline Skate Overview by
Welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of, and we've been talking about skates all day with Steve Charrier, president of Rollerblade. Hi Steve. Hello Steve. Hello Steve. Back to you. And I've got something that looks pretty slick here. This is the Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110. That's a mouthful. So, this is pretty much a full blown race skate, right? It is. There' says Mariani on this boot. I know you want to tell us about it. So, for those of you at home, this has some green on it, we work with a green screen so I'm going to pass it over while it kind of disappears a little bit.

Okay. You got to hold it right in front of you, Steve, or our friends at home won't be able to see it. So, tell us about this boot. Well, this is a custom made, carbon race boot made by Davide Mariani... He's a person? He is a person and he makes these custom boots in his shops in northern Italy in the mountains. He makes them by hand? Well, a lot of it's made by hand. Yeah, it's a carbon laid-up skate. Really? Yeah, and it's a really high-performance product. It's custom heat moldable. You're going to be able to, a very specific instructions on our website on how to mold the skate and... So, the customer can mold them at home, you don't need to go to a shop. Absolutely. Yep. You mold them at home. You just want to make sure you take the wheels off. You do, yeah. We have very specific instructions. Nasty when you leave those wheels on. Puddles in the oven. That's bad. So, yeah, it is a carbon and it's a race machine. We talked on some of the other models about the center point - the GT Model. Tell the folks at home about this. You'll notice that it's mounted point in the center here and this GT, standing for Gravitational Torque, is basically going to keep you very centered over your frame and wheels. It's going to give you a really nice carving ability. With these 110mm wheels, the skates get long. The frames get long so this skate is going to turn better in your skating stroke. It's going to carve better. It's going to deliver really nice high-performance torque to it, gravitational torque. Now, this is the best wheel and the best bearing of all the... It is. This is our top-of-the-line Hydrogen 110mm wheel. The best wheel we can build. Poured in the USA. It's very, very fast. Great rebound out of the wheel. It's just going to be very fast. You're going to like it. It has an ILQ9 bearing. It's the best bearing we offer. Very, very fast as well. It's, you know, super strong. Extruded aluminum frame and, just looking at the boot, like I said it's custom moldable. It has a lace system here to it and it's a nice custom ratchet buckle to it to hold your foot down in the back of the skate. So, the customer who's ideal for this probably knows who they are.

They know that this is what they want but describe that customer for us. Well, it's someone who's looking for the most performance you can get out of an inline skate. Someone who wants to skate fast, who wants to skate in marathons, who wants to skate distances. The one thing I'll say about this compared to a lot of other race-type skates out there, it is very comfortable fit off it. Molding it, these skates are very specific the way they fit because they're carbon. They're not soft and cushy on the inside so you have to make it work and fit for you. This skate we found fits more people out of the box than any race skate we've ever built. So, it's kind of like a Ferarri with a little bit of a Cadillac interior. It is a little bit, yes. You have to work it to get it to work for you but when it does, it's spectacular. Okay, anything else you want to tell us about? It's very fast. How fast? About as fast as you can go. How fast are you? I don't know. All right, well there you have it, the Rollerblade Powerblade GTR 110. This is the top-of-the-line, right? It is. You can't go any higher than this. This is about as far as we go. All right, so, thanks for joining us on this edition of the Daily Spin. And thank you for joining us too, Steve. Thank you.


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