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2014 Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Steve Cherrier, President of Rollerblade Skates, and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU Mens and Womens Inline Skate

Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU Mens and Womens Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2014 Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve, the owner of, and with me is Steve Charrier, president of Rollerblade. Hi Steve. Hello Steve. And in our laps is the Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU. So, Steve, what does the ALU stand for? It stands for aluminum. And what does the 80 stand for? The 80 is the size of the wheel. What does Spark stand for? It's just the name. All right, so, that's one of the features of the skate is the aluminum frame. You don't usually find an aluminum frame in this price so what's the benefit of that? Well, aluminum frame is really good for transferring energy. Your skating stride, when you push off, the aluminum gives you more power in your stroke. Because it's stiffer, it doesn't... It's stiffer. It's stronger.

And then tell us about the wheels and bearings on this skate. Well, this has an 80mm wheel and an SG5 bearing so it's going to give you a nice, smooth, fast ride to utilize that aluminum frame. Okay. And then, you know, this is sort of a beginner-intermediate skate so you want good support on a skate like this. Exactly. Really good support in the cuff area here. You see we have a locking buckle on this skate at the top. There's a 45 degree strap right here over the instep. That's designed to hold your heel back. Lock you down in the back there and you have a lace system here to tighten the front of your foot . Okay. And I also notice there's a little bit of an opening on the front here. What is this little screen? It's for venting the skate, to keep the skate cooler on the hot summer days.

So, that's one of the know, this is going to be a more comfortable skate for someone who is skating for a little while than some lesser price. It is. It has our 5 Star Fit Liner so it's going to have a nice comfort to it. It's a seamless construction on the upper so nice new design there. So, tell me who is, and I've got the women's version in front of me which is really good looking, you've got the men's, so tell me who is the ideal customer for this skate. Who should buy this skate? This is great for intermediate skater, someone who's going to be an occasional skater. It'll certainly, you know, you can skate some distance in a product like this and train on it, etc. Kind of like the weekend skater. Yeah, weekend occasional skater would be best for it. Okay. And just to point out one other thing, on the women's skate, it does have women's fit as you can see right on the front here and the women's skate is going to be designed off a women's last so it's going to have a narrower heel, higher instep in the front and a lower cuff. Right, so it's not just the colors. It actually is built different. It's built on a women's last. Great, so there you have it: The Rollerblade Spark 80 ALU. I'm Steve. This is Steve. And thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin.


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