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2014 Rollerblade Twister 80 Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview


By Steve Kopitz

Steve Cherrier, President of Rollerblade Skates, and Steve Kopitz, owner of, review the 2014 Rollerblade Twister 80 Mens and Womens Inline Skate

Rollerblade Twister 80 Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2014 Rollerblade Twister 80 Mens and Womens Inline Skate Overview by
Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Steve and this Steve and I'm the owner of and you are...? The president of Rollerblade. Ooh, all right, and we've got in front of us the Twister 80. That's it. That's the Twister 80. All right, so do we have the same skate or different skates? You have the women's model and I have the men's model. It's very close. All right, yeah, I actually didn't notice but, yeah, there's a little women's coloring. Now, is there a difference between the women's and men's besides the coloring? There is. There's a Women's Fit. All Rollerblade women's skates are built on a women's last meaning that the skate is built around the shape of a woman's foot. Narrower. Narrower in the heel, taller in the instep. Lower in the cuff.

So, this is a street or urban skate as you referred to so, you know, you got a molded boot and some other things going on with the frame. Let's first start with the molded boot. Why would someone want a full-molded boot. It's like a ski boot almost, right? Transfers energy better than anything else. Durable. It's not just durable, you're energy...skating's a lateral sport and molded boots transfer energy better than any other skate. Okay, but they're also, they can run up against side and, when you're in the street, you're going to probably... You can scuff it up. Yeah, you're going to be a little tougher on them. So, talk about the closure systems on this skate. We've got a lot of venting going on, a lot of holes in it as well, so it's not going to be hot even though it's a plastic molded boot. It has a lace system to it. Most important closure is the 45 degree buckle here. You can latch this down... It's a ratchet so you can do micro-adjusting on it. Right, and it's going to keep you locked into the heel of the skate and then you have the top closure here as well. Okay, all right, so, I noticed that this frame is considerably shorter than some of the skates we've been talking about today, why? Is there a benefit to having such a short frame? Maneuverability. So, it's going to turn really well. A shorter frame is going to be able to make quick turns. These are 4 80mm wheels on here, they're actually our new Supreme wheels - they're high quality, high rebound wheel. It's going to be fast. You'll notice the shape of the wheels,

Steve... Yeah, these street wheels are different shape than a performance wheel, right? It's what we call an urban profile. What's the difference? It's a rounder wheel so that... a fitness wheel will come to more of a point for kind of straight skating. This skate's going to be really good for arc-ing fast turns and all that. It's going to have better grip. So, maneuverability is one of the key things here - getting around town, turning corners, stuff like that. So, this frame is 243mm long, it's about as tight as you can get with 4 80mm wheels. So, with the other skates, we were trying to get longer frame but here we're actually trying to get a shorter frame. Yep, for a different type of skating. Interesting. So, talk about the...what bearings are on this skate? That's a good question. This is an SG7 bearing... You had to look at the board. I looked at the board. That's why it's there. It's right up there so...yeah, SG7 so it's going to be high quality, fast bearing. The skate's going to be, oh you said, it's going to be durable, it's going to be fast, it's all-around skating. You know, it's modeled after sort of urban skating idea but it's good for any kind of all-around, go-anywhere skating.

Yeah, so urban skating tends to be on little rougher roads, I noticed you have a little shock absorber in here as well. We do. There's a shock absorber under the heel. It's a neoprene pad, isn't it? Yeah, it's an absorbing pad so you're going to land on the skate, it's going to absorb shock. And I think we've got a little bit of a reflective material on here so you can be seen at night or during dusk. Actually, every Rollerblade skate has required reflective material in the back so you can be seen at night. All right, lots to talk about. Did I miss anything on here? No, I think we covered it. It's good all-around, fast performance skate. So, the customer for this skate is? Is anyone from even a beginner skater can skate on this skate really well. It's going to be very supportive. To someone who wants to get out and skate fast, maybe tricks, skating around an urban area, you know, something that's maneuverable. Okay. That's why they call them street skates, urban skates. They do. Okay, so there you have it. That's the Rollerblade Twister 80 men's, women's. I'm Steve. This is Steve. Thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin.


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