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2015 K2 Sk8 Hero X Pro and Charm X Pro Adjustable Kids Inline Skate Overview


Mike Powell, Skate Guru from K2 Skates and Rob Gill, of, review the 2015 K2 Sk8 Hero X Pro and Charm X Pro Adjustable Kids Inline Skates.

2015 K2 Sk8 Hero X Pro and Charm X Pro Adjustable Kids Inline Skate

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Transcript of 2015 K2 Sk8 Hero X Pro and Charm X Pro Adjustable Kids Inline Skate Overview by

Hey, welcome to the Daily Spin. I'm Rob from joined today by Mike from K2. Mike, thanks for being here. Hey, thank you so much for having me.

So, we're talking about the Sk8 Hero X Pro and the Charm X Pro in the kid's lineup. Really cool skates. Kind of an upgrade skate from that true beginner style kid's skate. What's really the first feature that jumps out at you with these? The first thing that jumps out is the K2 Original Soft Boot. It's a patented technology from K2 that we developed when we launched the inline skate category and it was pretty much the alternative to the ski boot style of inline skates and you see, when you look at the marketplace now, everyone builds a skate like K2 does but they can't use our process because we've got it patented and it fits better than anything on the market. Absolutely. And such an important feature on a kid's skate. If the kid doesn't think this skate's comfortable, they're not gonna want to use the skate. Another really important feature on this skate is the fact that it's adjustable. Yep. So, parents get 5 full sizes of adjustability at the push of a button. So, you push this button, you're able to pull the toe cap out, the skate gets a little bit wider as it gets longer as well so it's that true 5 full sizes of adjustability, it means you're not buying a skate every year. You're probably not buying one every 2 years. For sure. And then a lot of support and a very easy lacing system on this skate too. Yep, so you've got your Stability Plus Cuff. We find that when you have new skaters and kids that are out there skating, you want to give them as much support as possible. It's going to get them to be better skaters faster and, you know, the closure system which you mentioned is the K2 Speedlace. I think that's more important for parents than anybody because really I got a 5 year old and when we go out and skate around, I put him in this skate and, you know, if I put him in a traditional lace skate, it's 5 minutes to get him in and out. If I put him in a quicklace skate, I'm looking at 2 minutes to get him in and out. And that 3 minutes, it seems like an eternity and I'm really happy to have the quicklace to get him in and out fast.

Absolutely. And now moving down the skate, a really cool feature on this skate is the Hi-Lo setup with the wheels. Yeah, so you get 76mm wheels in the back 72mm wheels in the front. For your child, it's going to put him in a better skating position so you're going to get a little bit of ramp ankle but it's also going to make the skate a lot more maneuverable so it's just a better system all around. For sure. And then still a composite frame which is gonna help absorb some of that vibration. Exactly. So, we know these kids, while they may be good skaters, are still new to skating and we still want to suck up as much road vibration as possible and make it as easy as possible for them to get out there. Perfect. So, who is the Sk8 Hero X Pro and the Charm X Pro for? I mean, they're for new skaters to, you know, semi-experienced skaters and their parents want to have a great skate for them. So, they go to the Charm X Pro or the Sk8 Hero X Pro and they get the Speedlace System, they get the Hi-Lo Frame setup and it's just an all-around great skate for kids. Fantastic. So, you can check out the Sk8 Hero X Pro and the Charm X Pro on and thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin. And they're really light too!


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