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5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make Inline Skating



1.    Not Wearing Protective Equipment


I see this all the time, people out skating without pads on and they slip and fall and cut themselves up pretty good, or worse they get a possible broken bone.  I have been skating for years and if I’m going to be around a lot of people I wear full gear, if I am skating around the neighborhood I still wear wrist guards.  Protective gear is not going to break your bank account, so please put some pads on and keep yourself protected.


Kid Inline Skating Wearing Pads and Helmet



2.    Putting on Skates that don’t Fit


Inline skates are not cheap, everyone knows that, but be smart and pick the right size skates when you purchase them.  If you get the wrong size you are probably going to quit after 10 minutes of skating and you probably won’t ever skate again because you think it’s not for you.  Inline skating is a great way to stay in shape and can be a lot of fun.  Make sure you get the right size skates.



3.    Skates that are too Advanced


If you are a beginner don’t go grabbing the skates with the really big wheels and low cut boot.  Those are skates for people that are much more advanced and are into marathons and competitions.  For a first time skater those big 90-100mm wheels are going to be way too big and you’ll fall or have a real tough time trying to turn and maneuver.  Stay away from those until you have been skating for years.



4.    First Day Marathon


You are brand new to inline skating, don’t think you can strap the skates and protective gear on and skate 20 miles.  You will be so sore the next day you’ll never touch those skates again.  Newbie’s, take it easy.  Go for a quick skate, like a ½ mile.  Don’t try to be a hero your first few times out.


Inline Skaters Skating in a Marathon



5.    Learn How to Brake


Brakes are on your inline skates for a reason so use em.  There is nothing worse than skating at a park and next thing you know someone is barreling into you because they are going too fast and can’t stop.  For the sake of others around you and your own safety (you don’t want to run into Andre the Giant) learn how to brake before you start skating.  It is easy to do and you can try it right in your own neighborhood before you hit the trails.

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