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5 Reasons to go Inline Skating


As many know inline skating has been popular for years and continues to grow.  Many of the popular reasons for this are it is fun, affordable, healthy and everyone can do it.  Here are 5 reasons for why one should pick up inline skating.  These reasons are in no particular order.


Happy Family Inline Skating


1. Inline Skating allows you to collect your thoughts


If you are someone who likes to be alone, this is a great activity to do on your own.  Simply throw on your skates and off you go, it allows you to collect your thoughts.



2. Inline Skating is a form of Transportation


If you are going somewhere relatively close by put your skates on and roll on over.  With gas prices so high these days, if you are just running to the store to grab a couple little things, why not skate there instead of driving.



3. Inline Skating is a great Workout


Burn calories and tone muscles while skating.  Unlike running, inline skating will keep your joints feeling good.  Inline skating is fun and easy to do and not near as dreadful of a thought as it is to start running or jogging.



4. Inline Skating is a fun family activity


Everyone in your family can skate.  Once you learn how, everyone in the family can go out and purchase a pair of skates and it’s a fun family activity.  You can plan to go to a park and skate and have lunch and spend quality family time together.



5. Inline Skating is a great way to make new friends


There are groups, clubs, couples and friends that love to inline skate.  Night out in New York City is a popular club that gets together and goes skating.  There are many other clubs/groups that you can participate in.  Everyone is on equal footing and allows you to chat and hang out with other people.


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