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7 Easy Steps to get your skates ready to roll


A quick and easy rundown of inline skate cleaning and preventative maintenance


Spring is going to soon be upon us and with spring comes the beginning of the inline skating season. Before you go and hit up your favorite park and start skating there are some things you may want to take care of on your inline skates including some basic cleaning and maintenance. Here we will go over some quick and easy ways to clean your skates to ensure they are ready for opening day of the inline skating season.


Items Needed for Cleaning Inline Skates

Step 1: Take your inline skates apart as much as you are able to. Taking apart the skates will allow you access to areas that may need cleaning.


Step 2: Wipe everything down with a damp cloth. You will want to remove all dust, dirt and grime from the skates including directly under the skates wheels and the wheels themselves. Making sure everything is wiped down efficiently will stop dirt and dust from getting into the skates bearings once they are cleaned.


Step 3: Pop your bearings out of your wheels using a bearing popper tool or an all in one tool that offers a bearing popper. This will allow you to clean the bearings once they have been popped out of the skates. You can either just wipe the bearings down with a lint free rag but don’t use water; we recommend a bearing cleanser or lubricant to use for this process.


Step 4: Check your inline skates brake pad, if applicable, to ensure that the brake pad does not need to be replaced. Inline skate brake pads will typically have a wear line located on the side of the pad; looking at this wear line will give you a good indication that you either need or don’t need a new brake pad.


Step 5: Check your axle threads as you put them back on; there should be a small coat of Loctite thread lock on them. This coating helps keep your axles tight and can prevent them from coming loose. If you don’t see any Loctite on your axles you will want to coat them in a thin amount of blue Loctite. Make sure to use blue as this impacts the strength of the bond and will keep the thread tight but not too tight.


Step 6: Check your wheels before you put them back on. If it has been awhile since you put new wheels on or rotated them, now may be a good time to do that. When checking your wheels look to see if they are worn. If the wheels are worn they will be wearing more to the side inside of your foot. If your wheels are really worn out its time to get some new ones. If they aren’t too bad, simply rotate the wheels. The best way to rotate is to swap wheel one and wheel three and then swap wheels two and four.


Step 7: Put your skates back together. Be careful not to miss any pieces like bearings spacers as this will greatly impact your skate’s performance. A good way to keep all your little axle bolts and spacers together we recommend holding them in Frisbee or plate while you work.


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