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Am I Too Old to Start Skating?You're Never too Old to Skate


By. Kevin Larive


The old saying in life is age is only a number and that applies to inline skating. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you aren’t too old to start skating.


As long as you are in reasonably good health, inline skating beyond 50+ years of age will be no problem. There are even senior citizen homes that teach inline skating classes.


No matter how old you are make sure you wear your protective gear with helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and more. Crash pads are also a good option to keep your hips protected. You are no spring chicken anymore and the bones break a lot easier so stay protected.


When learning to skate make sure to keep a slight bend in your knee and focus on transferring your body weight.


Inline skating is a great workout for young and old. As you start to keep up in age its very important to maintain your health and inline skating will keep you in excellent shape without having to work super hard at it.


If you haven’t skated before don’t be afraid to get out there and try, no matter what your age is.

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