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Apps for Inline Skating


With the majority of the population owning a smart phone we have to assume that a high majority of inline skaters also have smart phones. We can’t say for certain how many skaters have a smart phone because that would take, like, a lot of work and stuff. So, instead we will simply be shooting off from the hip with completely useless statistics that are false and not to be relied on. So, let’s just say that 87% of inline skaters have a smart phone, yeah 87% sounds good to us. But, do these skaters take advantage of their smart phone for skating?


Here we are going to cover some of the apps available for smart phones both for Apple’s IPhone, IPad and IPod as well as apps for phones and tablets on the Android operating system. Some of these apps will help you learn to skate while others help you find places to skate or keep tabs on your fitness while skating. With all these apps it’s easier than ever before to learn to skate, find new skating trails or chart your fitness progress while skating.


iSkate - GPS skating computer for inline and roller skates


iSkate offers GPS for all your favorite skating trails while offering so much more. Some of the useful features with iSkate are average skating speed, top speed, calories burned, altitude and total trip distance. On top of capturing all this useful data iSkate also stores maps of your favorite skating trails which you can share with other skaters using the app. And as you can share you will find others sharing their trails so you can help other skaters find new trails while they help you find new trails as well.



iSkate GPS App LogoiSkate GPS App



Tricks IT – Keep track of your aggressive skating tricks, upload pictures, share online and progress your skating skills to the next level.


Tricks IT offers a wealth of useful features for aggressive skaters of all skill levels and can help skaters push themselves as they skate. Create trick lists and mark them as you complete or take pictures and upload them for other skaters to see and vibe with. Not only will this app help you take your skating to the next level but you will also be able to keep up to tabs with the most recent news with a newsfeed feature from



Tricks IT App



Runkeeper – Keep track of your progress while inline skating for fitness


Runkeeper is great for charting and keeping track of things like pace, distance, time, speed and calorie count while skating. This app integrates with Facebook and Twitter as well so you can keep tabs on your workouts through your favorite social media platform.



Runkeeper App



MotionX GPS – Whether driving, walking or skating this GPS will give you all the information you need for proper routes, traffic information and more.


The MotionX GPS app is inexpensive with some really worthy features including up to date map data, real time traffic data, multi stop planning and an ability to preload maps for offline use. This GPS is great for in the car or while in your skates with features that will work great for both. And with the turn by turn navigation with live voice guidance you can set your destination, throw in some ear buds and skate safely not having to look down at your device! Android OS



Motion X GPS App



Inline Skating for Beginners – Step by step skating instructions and gear information from experts


The Inline Skating for Beginners app for android phones you can learn the basics of inline skating including turns, falls, glides, stopping and more. Offering easy to follow videos and interactive quizzes you can learn and then immediately test your knowledge. There is also an overview of the equipment used by professional inline skaters!



Inline Skaters for Beginners App



Sporty Pal – This program integrates with your existing GPS to provide tracking for your workout.


The Sporty Pal app works with your phones existing GPS system to track your workout and can be then uploaded to the sportypal website where you will be given a detailed analysis of your workout. You can even compare your workout to the workouts of others on the website for comparison or motivation!



Sporty Pal App

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