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Play Basketball on Inline Skates!


Basketball on Inline Skates


By. Kevin Larive


Looking to spice up your inline skating adventures? If so grab some friends and take up inline basketball. Inline basketball is a lot of fun and will also provide you with a moderate aerobic activity to burn off those pesky love handles.


Roller basketball as its known was created by Tom LaGarde, an ex-NBA player and Olympic gold medal winner, started playing roller basketball around 1992 in the United States. A few years later in 1999 six Dutchmen came to New York and developed the first team to participate in the official Roller basketball World Championship that was not U.S. based. Teams from the Netherlands and Portugal came to the championship the following season, and in Germany skaters were experimenting with basketball on inline skates.


The sport became so popular it is a booming sport in Germany, the Netherlands and several other countries.


Inline basketball or roller basketball whichever you prefer is almost the same as regular basketball, just with one huge difference; it is played on inline skates. Inline skate basketball is a great recreational sport for adults or kids of any age or gender with good basic skating skills who desire a team activity that includes a combination of speed, jumping, maneuverability and fast thinking. Much like regular basketball, inline basketball is great for making new friends as well as giving you a competitive challenge. Inline basketball can be played outdoors on courts, lots and streets or in any gymnasium or sports center with enough space for the court, two baskets and two teams of four players each.


In addition to a smooth indoor or outdoor playing surface with baskets, players need good basic inline skates and sturdy protective pads.

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