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Bern Skate Helmets - Fashion Meets Protection


We’ve all either been that friend or have that friend who refuses to wear an inline skating helmet because they think they “look terrible”. In a society where image is such a heavily weighted factor this can become a real issue. But what if there was a way to be protected by wearing an inline skate helmet that looked as aesthetically pleasing as it was protective? Enter: Bern Skate Helmets. Bern helmets were founded in 2004 by Dennis Leedom. Dennis, a skier, biker, snowboarder and skater built a barn next to his home and began working on Bern helmets and the brand was officially launched in 2005.


Bern Skate Helmets


As you can see in the above picture Bern skate helmets are not the conventional look that many have grown up with. These Bern helmets offer models with visors, glossy or flat colors and mixed up color designs to add even more style. Not only are these skating helmets easy on the eyes but they also offer some great protection.



So, what makes a Bern skate helmet different than other brands? Well, as we touched on above Bern skate helmets tend to offer a bit more style and aesthetics than your average skating helmet. But what’s more is the overall fit and protection you will get from a Bern skating helmet. Bern’s designs are made to be lower profile, more stylish and less bulky which in turn leads to more comfort, protection and of course looking great. As you can see in the below image Bern skate helmets offer a slimmed design making them 35% less thick and 14% less long than “the other guy”.


How Bern Helmets Fit


For skater safety Bern helmets offer an ABS shell with multiple impact soft Brock foam in some models and an ABS shell with EPS hard foam in other models. The soft Brock foam (shown below) offers the ability to withstand multiple impacts due to the resilient foam. The EPS hard foam offers denser foam that adheres to the EN 1978 standard for bike and skate helmets. Look in the products specs or description to find out what style foam the helmet you are interested in offers.


Soft Brock Foam - Bern Helmets

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