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For full details on closure type, please see our Kids Inline Skate Buying Guide


Another factor to consider when purchasing an inline skate for your child is the type of closure/lacing system that is offered. Ideally you want to get something that your child can do on their own so they can put the skate on, and take it off, without any assistance from you.


BOA: This is a very easy option that your child will be able to do on their own. There is a dial on the front of the skate that your child will turn until they get a nice tight, secure and comfortable fit. BOA kid’s skates are also simple and easy to take, just pull to release the knob and the lace will loosen the skates immediately.


Speedlace System: This is also an easy way for your child to tighten their skates. Typical speed lace system will feature a pull tab system. To tighten a kid’s skate with this system, simply grab the lace and pull to get a nice tight, secure and comfortable fit. Speed lace systems will also offer a quick and easy release system.


Traditional Laces: Just as it’s written, these skates are closed by laces, which are tied like a regular shoe. The laces and eyelets used on kid’s skates are built to be more durable than standard shoe laces and eyelets.


Please note that most all kid’s inline skates will also offer a buckle clasp top closure, and mid point Velcro closure. These additional closures add extra stiffness and support, but are also very user friendly and can often be done and undone by young ones.

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