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For full details on skate type, please see our Kids Inline Skate Buying Guide


When you begin your shopping you will notice there are a few different types of kid’s inline skates available. The main types of skates you will find are recreational, fitness, aggressive and inline hockey.


Recreational: Kid’s recreational inline skates are great for beginners, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Although best suited for beginners, the kid's recreational skates on are still of high quality and can be used to progress as a skater.


Fitness: Fitness style skates are very similar to recreational skates as they are the same design and shape. kid's fitness style skates will offer a bit higher end components like larger wheels, smoother bearings, and fancy closure systems.


Aggressive: Kid's aggressive skates are built for skating obstacles commonly found at skate parks. These skates utilize smaller, more squared off style wheels to give great control without too much speed. Aggressive skates will offer a plastic notch between the wheels (called an h-block) which gives an area to grind on rails, and other obstacles. Kid’s aggressive skates are built with additional padding, and with durable plastic to deal with the abuse of aggressive skating.


Inline Hockey: Kid's inline hockey skates are designed for quick point a to point b speed, with easy and quick cornering. Hockey style skates will offer a shorter wheelbase, with larger wheels which are often set up in a hi-lo or rockered set up. The shorter wheelbase makes for easy turns, while the larger wheels give great speed.

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