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Buying Guide for Wrist Guards



By Steve Kopitz


Aside from the helmet, the Wrist Guards may be the most important piece of protection Inline Skating Wrist Guardsyou can have when inline skating. When someone falls, they tend to fall forward and to break that fall they will hold out their hands. Combine that with high speeds on a pair of inline skates and you can do some serious damage.


With Wrist Guards, as the owner of this company demonstrates in the video, you slam your hand down pretty hard and barely feel anything.


There are many anatomically-friendly Wrist Guards available. Check for the ones with breathable fabrics or material that has moisture wicking properties. These materials make wearing Wrist Guards more comfortable because your hands will be drier.


Most Wrist Guards are placed over your hands like a glove, your fingers will be out in the open, and tighten by Velcro.


There are plenty of great options when it comes to purchasing Wrist Guards. The most important thing about buying a pair of Wrist Guards is to make sure you wear them when you inline skate.


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