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Chanel Rollerblades, Would You?


By Chris Gorski




Recently I was trying to find the end of the internet where cat videos meet prank videos and I found something very interesting. It was in this internet black hole where I found a picture of a pair of Rollerblades, or at least I thought. They looked like Rollerblade brand inline skates until I looked a little closer. Rollerblades they were not, these were Chanel Rollerblades, or, Chanel inline skates. Check out the skates below and ask yourself the question, would you?


Chanel Rollerblades


So, the Chanel skates look a few seasons old and you most likely cannot find a pair for sale but you can still dream! It is great to see some very mainstream crossover coming to inline skating and if Chanel made skates once they might do it again so we may even see more Chanel rollerblades at some point down the road. So, would you? And, if they ever get mass produced, will you?