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Combatting Inline Skate Boredom


By. Steven Hartman


You usually love the way the wind feels blowing through your hair and the scenery is usually spectacular.


But have you ever found that you want a good workout on your skates but instead you’re staring at your skates with little interest in heading out?


Perhaps you’re suffering from Inline Skate Boredom. Doing one activity a lot can sometimes get old so if you find that your skating routine is getting, well…old, then here are a few ways to spruce up your skate life:


New Destination


Try a new spot. A quick online search of the area can bring up new parks or spots of the city that you can skate. If you like heading to the local park, try finding one a little further out that you can drive to and skate. If you like throwing on your skates and roaming the neighborhood, seek out new neighborhoods and don’t be afraid to get a little lost in a new community.


You can even seek out a restaurant and skate to breakfast or lunch. This will give you a goal to skating as oppose to just hopping on and going.




An Inline Skate Tour


Explore the city. Whether you live near a small city or you’re in the heart of Los Angeles, trying being a tourist for the day. You’ll have to be more aware of cars, pedestrians and other obstacles but you’ll be able to soak in the city and check out the local scenes. Don’t forget to bring along shoes in case you want to head into a store or restaurant you’ve come across.


There are also many spots across the country that have inline skating tourist options and guides available. You could even take an inline skate related vacation. Plan a trip and take your skates and explore your new destination on wheels!


Go with friends


Go With Friends


Maybe you just don’t want to go at it alone. Invite a friend to join you on a skate. Whether you two are at the same skill level or not, you can go on a leisurely ride through the park, subdivision or up to Starbucks and catch up.


You’re Too Good!


An Inline Skate Marathon


Perhaps you’ve grown out of your skates. If you bought intermediate level skates last year but now you’re an advanced skater, simply purchasing a new pair of skates might be enough to give you the performance you want and the desire to head back out. Or maybe it’s time to challenge yourself further and participate in a race or an inline skate marathon! These can be a way to challenge yourself and even meet new people who enjoy skating as much as you do!


It may seem like you could never grow tired of skating but has there ever been a time when you found yourself in a rut? Let us know your ideas for combatting inline skate boredom.

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